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  1. Hi there, I am planning to go to Vancouver next week for h1b stamping. I am based in San Francisco. Whats the best way to enter VANCOUVER ? Direct Flight or drive from Seattle ? If Seattle which airport should i Pick? Best and cheap places to live in VANCOUVER ?
  2. nilzzzz


  3. I would be interested as well.. Send me your contact details
  4. nilzzzz

    Job change befor H1B transfer receipt

    You can join once the documents are mailed and he mailing fedex online status shows as delivered. I did the same.
  5. Hi @nkroy @VVKUS @chom .. did you guys receive the notice? I am on 60 day grace period which started on May 4th so technically July 3 is my last date. H1B DOCUMENTS were received by USCIS CALIFORNIA on 6/27 .. How long does it take for the check to cash? and receive a notice?
  6. Hi, Can you please tell me the progress on this? What was the end result.? I am in same boat and that would help me.. Thanks
  7. Hello Everyone.. Can any share their experience on Time for California Processing Center? Which one is is quick ? 1) PWD 2) Labor/PERM 3) i-140. Thanks Nilz
  8. Whats your email Naga? Or can you email me from the email id on my profile?
  9. nilzzzz

    Toronto H1 Stamping 15 days left for Canada TRV

    High Risk.! Not worth its! All VO are crazy and may get mood swing which my impact you!
  10. as per I797 but i would recommend to renew passport first. Thats what i did last time.
  11. nilzzzz

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    I got my visa approved today morning at 9.00 am . I was hoping to here back from you ... Good luck !
  12. Hello Everyone, Just thought of updating people in same boat. I had a appointment today at 9.00 am. Last night i read a post from a guy - newbie saying that he was asked to submit a copy of resume and was issued a 221g , which freaked me out. I quickly went to nearest Fedex and got the print out of my resume at 7.00 am in the morning. However i Was not asked for any document other than I797. Do not carry cellphones as they are not providing any lockers. They ask you to go to a store which is like 6 min walk from the consulate to store your cellphones/laptops /ipads for this the store charges $5 CAD. This was my 2nd stamping in Toronto again.( Last time i stamped at Toronto was in 2011). I was asked to go to a window and it seems the guy on that window was new and was assisted by a old lady. So i had 2 ppl working on my case as soon as appeared at window. Questions asked - What my status in Canada and when do i plan to go back to US. My answers - Visitors Visa and would go back to US as soon as i get back the passport . The VO asked estimated date i Said i am expecting the passport to be back by thursday so please put thursday date.(7/10). He then wrote PIMS ok and asked me to go to window 9/10 for finger printing. After finger printing i was given a ticket and was asked to wait until my number was called /flashed. Once my number was called i went to the respective window. Questions asked by VO at this window - Since how long are you working with XXX company - 3 .5 years Which state - NY/NJ. What degree - Bachelors. Just bachelors not Masters - Yes thats correct just bachelors . She then said my visa is approved and i should get it within a week. It was pretty simple and smooth walk for me. Total time taken( 5 min + 1 min + 3min) However my case- Full time employe with one of the big bank on wall street for 3.5 years. There was one other guy on a a window besides me and was being grilled by tons of questions from a Jamaican VO. Since he had specs he was asked to get a photo without specs and chin up again. He was running here and there and got his photo and came back. Don't know what happened with him as i was leaving when he came back. Hoping to get my passport soon. Now I am on my trip to Montreal for some Kite Sailing lesson :) Good luck to everyone.! Cheers Nilz
  13. nilzzzz

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    Hello there, Can you please provide the details? Are you working as a consultant? What other documents did he ask?
  14. nilzzzz

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    Hey I am in Toronto right now. Please given me your contact details. You can reach me via the email mentioned on my profile.
  15. I did the same ..Workand Life... I got frustrated and wrote a code that runs and checks for the date and secured july 7th :) jk