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  1. banumyname

    I-94 date not valid on reentry with new employer

    Thanks for response, Is it going to be an issue if I stay after oct 30 this year with out going out of country as my new i797 petition is valid till 2017? anyway I need to go to visa stamping if I step out of country after oct.
  2. banumyname

    I-94-Not Matching my Extended I-797

    What is the latest update ... I am also in same situation please help.
  3. Hello all, I have H1B stamping on passport till Oct 2015. I switched employer and I got new i-797 for March 2017. I went to India with the same old stamping as it is valid till october 2015. At port of entry officer stamped passport as valid until oct 31 2015, he didn't consider my new i797 which is valid till 2017 . But when I checked online I-94 was given as valid until Apr 28 ( my port of entry date). I contacted DHS they suggested to go to nearest operations center to correct the date. I went in and they said they are going to correct the date to Oct 31 online to match what officer wrote on the passport. Now My new employer is saying we need to file h1 extension again as it will be invalid. I am confused on this. Please suggest me. thanks Bhanu
  4. banumyname

    visiting virgin islands

    Sorry, I mis took my old paper i-94 to be my i-94. I am legal and I have valid i-797, i-94 till 2015
  5. banumyname

    visiting virgin islands

    Thanks for your reply, I have old i-94 which expired a long time back. I didnt step out of the country for last 6 years.
  6. banumyname

    Travel to US Virgin Islands on H1B without stamping

    Hari_Raj, did you travel to USVI and came back with out any questions asked?
  7. banumyname

    visiting virgin islands

    Hello, Can I visit virgin islands with out h1 stamping? have any one visited usvi. thanks
  8. banumyname

    travel companion

    Hello, I am looking for travel companion for my mom on oct 21 JFK- Chennai. Please let me know if anyone is travelling.
  9. we need a travel companion for my mon on somewhere around october last week from east coast charlotte, atalanta, washington DC newyork, I did not book the ticket yet.
  10. Is theresome one coming from hyd, I like to reserve a ticket for my mom during that time, Do you have any expected return dates?
  11. banumyname

    DS 160 Question

    Hi, I like to get a slot on aug 25 th on Jamaica. If you did not cancel your date. can you please let me get the slot. Please PM me or email me @banumyname@gmail.com Thanks
  12. banumyname

    F1 denied ..need to go h1b stamping

  13. banumyname

    F1 denied ..need to go h1b stamping

    Shekar, Did you mention any reason for rejections on ds forms. I dont know the reason. officer didnt let me the reason. Thanks for your reply guys.
  14. banumyname

    F1 denied ..need to go h1b stamping

    Thanks for response. I am not sure about the rejection reason. should I need to specify any reason on ds form.
  15. banumyname

    F1 rejection should mention in DS 160?

    does any one like this case went for stamping. i am on the same boat.