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    I-140 EB2 Denied AMIE Qualification

    Don't know if anyone is pursuing everything discussed in this thread, but I wanted to update my status , so that, it may be useful for some one visiting this thread in future. My Prioirty date - Mar2008... First I-140 (EB3 based on AMIE ) approved ~ mid 2009.... While waiting in queue, I pursued a Master's degree in business & engineering from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania... Lehigh University is a very good, accredited, engineering & business school, and they had no problem accepting AMIE as a basis for my Master's degree application... Of course, I had to take GRE/GMAT to qualify to get in, in addition to AMIE degree. After finishing Masters in 2014, and a job change along the way, I applied my second I-140 (EB2 based on AMIE & US Masters in ~Jan 2016.. Got rejected based on AMIE .. MTR applied June2016 to consider US Masters... approved in June2017..... I-485 filed - 10Aug2017 ..... finished interview February and received GC early March2018.. Just like many folks from India, I have been waiting over 10 years now. I had a very rocky I-140 experience due to AMIE, but finally they approved EB2 based on US Masters degree.... I-485 experience has been smooth... As of the date of this note, seems like EB3 is moving quite fast (relative to last decade), so may be some of you who filed around 2008 or before in EB3 with AMIE may be receiving your GC's soon.. But for those who filed later, or planning to pursue GC in future based on AMIE, your best bet is to, first apply in EB3 based on AMIE and get at least one I-140 approved to establish a basis to stay in US, and then pursue a part time Masters degree from an accredited university.. Many regular universities offer part time Master's degrees with classes in evenings (Lehigh University is one of them) and also offer many online courses... After the Masters, apply for EB2 I-140 again and pursue that path.. Again, this makes sense only if EB2 priority date moves forward considerably compared to EB3.. As of this date, looks like EB3 and EB2 are not too far from each other, due to significant upgrading of EB3 to EB2, but if EB2 starts moving faster in future, getting an MS degree may be the best option. ... Finishing AMIE itself is hard enough, but unfortunately not enough for USCIS for EB2, although recognized by all universities & Government in India, as well as many universities abroad. Unless something changes, the best bet for us is a Masters degree based EB2 application for now, or pursuing career in other equally attractive countries like Germany, Canada or India..
  2. I was trying to find discussions & experience of Employment Based (EB) I-485 Interviews online, but I could only find mostly marriage based interview forums.. Not many EB I-485 interview forums out there. starting one to share our experience, and hopefully others will add their experiences, which will be helpful for folks going through (or waiting for) Employment Based (EB) I-485 interviews. Prioirty date - Mar2008 First I-140 (EB3) approved ~ mid 2009 Second I-140 (EB2) applied ~Jan 2016.. rejected.. MTR applied June2016... approved in June2017 I-485 filed - 10Aug2017 EAD ~ 15 Dec 2017 interview appointment letter- ~20 Jan 2018 Interview ~20Feb2018 I485 approval letter ~26Feb2018 Recieved Greencard in mail ~3Mar2018 Just like many folks from India, I have been waiting over 10 years now. Priority date Mar2008. I had a very rocky I-140 experience, but I-485 experience has been smooth... My I-140 took almost 1.5years, including rejection (EB2) due to AMIE degree from India, MTR applied based on US Masters degree, took over an year & they approved at last. Interview was very straight forward. Me & my wife were called in to the office together..We took standing oath to say "will tell only the truth". The officer just asked very basic questions that are already on I-485 form... address, name, phone number.. Then, she asked almost every question from I-485 form, regarding criminal background, terrorism, communist party affiliation etc..., for which most folks would have answered NO.. But she read every question in detail, and looked at us with focused eye contact as we answered. Then asked for latest Pay slips, W2, last year tax transcript from IRS.. She filed all of that into a folder, and said she'll approve the I-485 shortly. I asked if she can stamp I-551, she said its not necessary unless I'm traveling within a week or two & said I should get card in few weeks... My lawyer was saying, the interview experience really depends heavily on the type of officer we get. Some are very easy, and some will try to ask more questions, especially if they suspect any information provided in I-485.. Our interview went fairly smooth.. It lasted ~20minutes... We walked out with sigh of relief & a smile.. I got I-485 approval notice 4 days after interview date.. Then received the physical Green Card (which is white in color.. ironically) within 10days after interview.. Finally decade long wait/journey is over..
  3. tigerrr1

    Adjustment of Status Applications

    I have I-485 pending, and AP/EAD also pending. I have valid H1B status. If I travel to India due to family emergency (father ill) before I recieve AP, does USCIS consider me as abandoning I-485. I will come back using H1B visa, so don't really need AP. But, how do I tell USCIS that I travled due to family emergency and I don't intend to abandon I-485
  4. tigerrr1

    I-140 EB2 Denied AMIE Qualification

    Hello attorney_15. Based on just AMIE, I have I-140 approved under EB3(i) or (ii), skilled worker or professional catagory, in 2008. I was planning to re-do under EB2 catagory mid of 2013 based on AMIE+5yrs experience, but all the forum discussion are discouraging to even try that. To your point about trying to prove that IEI program does meet the definition of "University" , what do you suggest we should do? What is required to prove that?
  5. tigerrr1

    I-140 EB2 Denied AMIE Qualification

    I have EB3 I-140 approved in 2008 under the EB3(2) professional catagory based on AMIE. Educatin evaluation stated that passaing section A and B is equivalent to US Bachelor's. I was planning to go for re doing under EB2 mid of next year, but all the forums I see so far show discouraging results for trying EB2 with AMIE+5 yrs.