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  1. testvisauser

    Mumbai - Case StatusTracker

    My wife's H4 got approved finally. Interview: May 17 221 g to submit documents on research: May 18 - 21 docs submitted CEAC barcode: Appeared on June 13 Passport submitted: June 15 Received Passport: June 19
  2. testvisauser

    H1B Extension - Visit India

    There is no concept of abandonment of an Extension of Stay petition as far as I know and it is well known that this is a gray area. Maybe an attorney can clarify this as we can keep going back and forth over this.
  3. testvisauser

    H4 visa 221g green slip mumbai

    Any update on your case 221grief? My wife's application is still pending.
  4. testvisauser

    H1B Extension - Visit India

    One can travel while the extension is pending. The only time you cannot travel is when a Change of Status (COS) petition is pending and also in some cases when AOS is pending (don't want to get into that). In the Pat's case, since he/she will be back before the approval comes in, OP will have a new I-94 at the port of entry different from the one that was submitted for extension. When the extension goes through successfully, the I-94 will be received with the same number as the previous I-94 but with new date of validity. For all intents and purposes, the last I-94 received will be the current valid I-94 (for status, renewing Driver License etc). Pat, if you are confused by these conflicting opinions, contact your attorney I have personally traveled twice during pending extensions at major companies after consulting with the attorneys.
  5. testvisauser

    Travel to Canada on AP and re-enter US on H-1B

    The visitor visa for Canada is called Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Nitin, If you apply personally at a Canadian Consulate, you can usually get the visa stamped the same day or the next day. You need to attend the visa interview at the Consulate which has jurisdiction over the state you reside in.
  6. testvisauser

    Am I cap Exempt? Please Help

    If you want to go to the US immediately for work using the cap exempt status because of remaining period from previous filing, you can do so for a duration of 1 year 9 months only. If you choose to apply for a fresh H1 for FY2013, you can do that too and get a 3 yr term but you cannot start earlier than Oct 1.
  7. testvisauser


    The 221g forms themselves have the instructions for getting in touch with them. In general, you cannot do anything for about 60 days and they will not respond to you. After that you can email them to find out the status. Which consulate have you submitted the application? You should be able to find out from an online search or in the forums here as to whom to email based on the consulate.
  8. testvisauser

    Am I cap Exempt? Please Help

    You are exempt from the cap. Please ignore my earlier message if it gets posted.
  9. testvisauser

    Am I cap Exempt? Please Help

    You are not.
  10. testvisauser

    H1B transfer

    "Paying for H4 has no connection with being legit." True, but having been on H1 with three different employers for over 7 yrs, I can tell you that employers that genuinely appreciate you working for them will also file for your dependents. If the employer is a big firm, then they may also pay for the dependent filing (my first two F 500 employers did). If they are a small company (like my current one with 20 employees) they may either decline to file or file and ask you to pay the fees for the dependents.
  11. testvisauser

    H1B Extension + Out-of-status

    "=> If OP already has stamping, then s/he can use this I797B to enter in USA and get the I94 at POE. Right?" Yes, I assumed his stamp will expire in Sept. "What if my previous Employer's I797 is expiring in October 2012 and they have not revoked it. Am I still in Status?" What do you mean by previous employer? Who are you working for now? As long as an extension is filed in a timely fashion (FedEx) package reached USCIS before expiry of current I-94, you are in status and allowed to work for up to 240 days. The only issue is if your petition gets denied for some reason, then you retroactively go out of status from the expiry date of the current I-94.
  12. testvisauser

    Can we apply for h1b extension from india ?

    Does your visa stamp also expire on Sept 2012? If so, are you planning to come back before then? If so, why not just apply for the extension after you come back?
  13. testvisauser

    H1B to F1 and back again to H1B

    The only issue I see is that you have been working on H1 for 3 years and now want to switch to F1 which does not allow immigration intent. How can you prove that you will not stay back after you are done with your school? Clearly as you admitted, you are using F1 as to take a break from the hectic work schedule.
  14. testvisauser

    H1B transfer

    Usually all legit employers will also file H4s along with the H1s but some may ask you to pay for the dependents application and filing fees.
  15. testvisauser

    h1b petition before graduation

    Is the software work you did during your 27 month OPT related to Chemical Engineering in any fashion? OPT is supposed to be used for employment in the same or related field in which you graduated and got the benefit of the OPT.