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  1. ateetshah

    H-4 EADs

    If you get your facts straights without even looking at any document then you'll know that H4 EAD was never part of injunction or case in first place. Fresh or not fresh doesn't even matter. What's wrong is wrong period. Fact is fact is fact. Again please get yourself educated as such posts don't suit the attire of forum. And please don't use terms like "loser", that'll get you quickly banned and will be out of a job posting threatening comments on public forums.
  2. ateetshah

    H-4 EADs

    It's astounding the level of ignorance above post exhibits. Please get facts straight as your posts are misleading and factually incorrect.
  3. ateetshah

    How to start I-140 Application

    Maybe they're filing GC under EB1C L1A ? Sounds you need to talk to your company HR and or immigration lawyer to sort this out.
  4. ateetshah

    h1b promotion and GC

    2 things to consider. Location depends if it's within the same metropolitan/geographical area for PWD purposes and also if the job is 50% different or not. Say you are moving from One corner of Dallas to another and it's considered same, but moving from Dallas to Houston will invoke new PERM due to PWD differences and recruitment. If answer to both questions are NO, then you don't need another PERM.
  5. ateetshah

    Attorney - Employer weirdness in PERM Process

    LC substitution ? There is no such thing in PERM. It was part of RIR which I believe ended in 2005. What LC Substitution you're referring to ? PERM has to be signed and reasons are different.
  6. ateetshah

    Minimum period of stay after I-140 approval

    Again wrong on all counts. Please suggest USC/FR that says the world "job unlimited". Please refrain from using "rocket science" as that has no context to this conversation. End of story is that OP will retain PD and is perfectly fine. What if all dates become current tomorrow and OP gets his/her GC in 6 months and before the job max out date ? I have read enough immigration laws. No point to argue if you don't have any backup to support your own personal interpretation of law. Different interpretation for different people. Please reply only if you something valuable to add.
  7. ateetshah

    Attorney - Employer weirdness in PERM Process

    Beneficiary still has to sign the PERM application for the record.
  8. PERM job advertisement and any applicant applying for that position, HR & Leg need to make sure the applicant is "perfectly" qualified. It's illegal to tailor make requirements suited to sponsor. And perfectly qualified definitions means the applicant should have work experience in technology or a process or anything that is deemed crucial for doing job in a perfect manner. So it's quite easy to make such a case with USDOL and as long as it's within a reason. Also while filing PERM, everything is electronic and no documentation is sent unless required. So no need to dramatize this situation as it's not needed.
  9. ateetshah

    Minimum period of stay after I-140 approval

    Again I read it and can't find it ? Reading is fundamental and response has failed to address on all aspects. The intention of job is good enough, not intention of job forever. Employment is at will and all employer needs to demonstrate a job, not forever.
  10. ateetshah

    Minimum period of stay after I-140 approval

    Okay please quote the legal standing ? I guess you won't be able to since it's based on unfounded "assumptions" & whims. One can't be wishy-washy about this. OP it's perfectly fine again.
  11. ateetshah

    F1 to Green Card Possible?

    MBA's unemployed or not, just get PERM done straight in one year after joining company. You don't really need much for PERM recruitment if you are competent in what you do and articulate your skills. Good luck.
  12. ateetshah

    Minimum period of stay after I-140 approval

    Perfectly fine. Good luck and go ahead. There is lot of wrong information above. Do what's in the best interest of you and your employer. Your attorney will say the same thing.
  13. Dead wrong on all counts. Quite easy to get PERM done these days and have seen like 20-30 recently done with just one technology missing. Unfounded assumptions without knowledge can be dangerous actually.
  14. The exact stuff will easily and does fly with DOL without any problem. We've seen many cases approved easily with DOL. All that it needs is one missing technology and boom it's approved without a problem.
  15. Chances are that you won't find anyone with a specific exact skillset per PERM regulations. So even if applicant on PERM advertisement misses one technology or skillset, they can be taken out of consideration. PERM recruiting is pretty simple and you will always find workers with "like" skills, but not exact skills.