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  1. 1) Applied for EAD renewal - 21 June 2010 2) Contacted INS on - 22 Sep 2010 ( 3 month processing time and i did not receive my card ) 3) Visited Infopass - 27 Sep 2010 4) Called Customer Services - million times since 22 Sep 2010 5) On 4 OCT 2010 received and RFE that they need new pictures of mine. 6) On 12 OCT 2010 Status one shows "Card Sent for production" - wait 30 days before contacting again !! 7) Contacted customer service in 25 days - Response wait 5 more days 8) Went to Infopass pn 16-Nov-2010 - Met the same lady and she was surprised to know that i had not received my Card !! So she called the district office (not sure which one ) . Confirmed to me that the EAD was approved and later told me that process center has sent the card for printing however LOOKS LIKE PRINTING PLACE WHCIH IS SOMEWHERE ELSE IS "OUT OF CARDS" - Looking at my expression when she said that she said she has never heard of this before. Well I guess economy has struck INS paper department but I thought we paid for this stuff so wonder what the hold up is !! ITs not bad enough that EB3 is back dated to JAN 02 this has to happen as well