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  1. jobanmarwah

    Time left on H1B

    Hi, Please help me with the following query. I received my H1 in oct 2013 and worked till April,2017. After that, I moved to India & lived there till June 2018 In June 2018, I came back to US on an H4 visa. I have the following questions. 1. How much time is left on my H1B? 2. Am I cap exempt and till what date Thanks
  2. jobanmarwah

    How much time do I have left on my H1B

    Thanks! Wanted to clarify that I was out of the country for over a year and I would also like to know if this qualifies for the cooling off period even though I would essentially be covered by the same petition. Also, here is the rough calculation based on your response: H1b approved in October 2013 Resigned April 2017 Remaining time : Approximately 2.5 years Please validate.
  3. Hi all, I have a peculiar question about the amount of time I have left on my H1B. My first H1B was became active in October 2013. I worked for 2 companies in that period and the last time I switched jobs, my I 797 came with a validity of July 2019. However I moved to India in late 2016 and after working remotely for a little bit, I resigned in April 2017. I have returned to the USA on an H4 in June 2018 and wanted to know 1) If my H1B can be revived without having to go through a lottery before July 2019 and 2) how much time do I have left out of my 6 years on my H1B? Any clarifications and answers will be highly appreciated. thanks!
  4. jobanmarwah

    Question about reviving H1B on I140

    As a follow up, i was able to get my H1 without any issues!!
  5. Hi All, My wife and I recently traveled from India after stamping etc and all went well. We were aware that her passport expires later this year, but since it was more than 6 months away at that time, we couldnt renew it. Upon entering USA, she was allowed entry till only Dec 2018, which is when her passport expires, even though the H4 stamp is valid all the way to 2021. The immigration team from my office sent an extension req but thats gone to the Vermont center and has wait times of 12+ months. We have received her renewed passport now . Questions 1) If she stays here post Dec while the application is pending, is this counted as overstay? 2) Is there an option of going to Canada or Mexico and re-enter with new passport and get a new I94? 3) Is the 12+ months as reported on the website a real number? Any help will be appreciated. thanks!
  6. jobanmarwah

    Question about reviving H1B on I140

    Thanks a lot folks! Really appreciate your time and response.
  7. Hi friends, I will take the first few lines to explain my situation since i didnt find a similar case here on the forum. I was in the USA from 2006 to 2016. During this time i got an MS and worked for about 8 years for different companies. My H1B was approved after my OPT and i used all 6 years and then an extension as well based on an approved I 140. In 2016, i moved to India to pursue further studies. My then existing H1B petition has since expired. What I would like to know is 1) Can a company file for an H1B extension based on the approved I 140? 2) If this has to be a new application, will i need to go through the lottery again? thanks in advance for your help.
  8. jobanmarwah

    I 140 and H1B retention for relocating to India

    Just to Add, my case status on the USCIS site just says they sent me approval on <date>. There is no revoked status. my employer did send a revocation request about 11 months after the 140 was approved, but that request shows pending from almost 1 year now.
  9. jobanmarwah

    I 140 and H1B retention for relocating to India

    Thanks for your reply.. Is there a way to validate that my 140 was infact revoked? can we check the status for the same?
  10. HI all, I am in a slightly unique situation and would like to know the answers to questions plaguing my mind. Here is my situation: initial 6 years of H1 have completed. 140 approved by employer A and i stayed with employer for about 1 year after 140 approval Changed job and have valid H1 till 2018 but initial employer filled to revoke 140. Current perm process has started but I am moving back to India for some personal emergencies and current employer wont reach 140 state before my departure. What i want to know is 1) If i ever come back, will i need to apply for H1B in lottery again? Or will I be exempt? 2) Even on the revoked 140, will i retain my PD? any replies by experts here will be highly appreciated. Joban
  11. Can someone please respond to this. it will be really helpful. Thanks Joban
  12. hi all, I have a slightly unique situation at hand. My visa stamp is valid till feb 2013 but is from my previous employer. My current petition is valid till 2014 but its number is different from the number that is stamped in my passport. I am getting married and my wife will attend a H4 Visa interview then. Now while filling the DS160 form for her, I am not sure which petition number should i put in the form? The one that is stamped in my passport or the one that I am currently working on? I was told that i dont need to get stamping done since my stamp is valid till next year. is this correct? Prompt responses will be really appreciated since I am really short on time. thanks
  13. hi all, I have a couple of very basic questions regarding this process. I came to USA on F1, then got H1B. I am currently working for my third company here. I went to India earlier this year and got my H1B stamped without issues. The stamp is valid till 2013 but has my 2nd employer's name on it ( i currently work for a different company). My current I797 is valid till 2014 for my current employer which is a reputed software product company. My question is 1) Do i need to go to the consulate again to get my visa stamped? 2) I am getting married in Feb next year and my wife will go to get her H4 using my H1 application. Will my situation affect her in any way? This is assuming that we get our certificate and all papers are in order. Please let me know Thanks Joban