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  1. whywhe

    i485 Interview Question

    thank you,appreciate your view on this.
  2. - Worked for Employer A on H1 for 5 years and shifted to Employer B for 1 year - Left US and came back after 5 years on H1 again with Employer A (who also sponsored my GC ) and currently working from about 1.5 years - Received EAD recently and going for i485 interview shortly - Will there be any issue regarding the five year gap in the i485 interview ?
  3. whywhe

    Going for stamping after 8 years

    IMO,it should not create any issues,but having a approved I-140 did not carry any weight in my case.I've come after 7 years and had my visa revoked.The focus is more on the current employer/client/work and the relevant documents.This is only my experience.Good Luck to you.
  4. yes,you can find this easily by going to the website of the consulate from where you wish to go for the visa.
  5. whywhe

    Any EC models with Blue 221G in Hyd

    I believe it's not the model that matters but how you prove the emp-emp relationship and the relevant docs that you show as evidence.i'm confident about this since i know someone who is on EVVC model and got his visa without any queries based on the docs and dealing with the officer's questions 'smartly'.
  6. whywhe

    221g-Remotely working from India

    You will pay taxes in India and can get exemption only if you are paid in Rupees by your employer having office here.Can you share those articles that you have come across.I guess the below link from IRS can give you better picture on how you can determine if you have pay taxes or not ? http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/international/index.html
  7. whywhe

    221g-Remotely working from India

    sorry for my ignorance..you would need to file only in US.you do not need to file in india unless your employer has an office in india and pays you in rupees.that's my understanding since i'm working in the same way.
  8. whywhe

    221g-Remotely working from India

    are you paid in dollars or rupees ?
  9. Congratulations on getting the visa.Appreciate if you could share some information about your case. Are you on E-C or E-V-C model ? What was the reason for refusal ? Is it employer-employee relationship ? If so,how did u manage to prove it this time ? Any information would be useful to lot of people hanging here without any clue of their future.Thx.
  10. Thanks for the details..the questionnaire seems to have become common for everyone resulting without any outcome and leaving us hanging in the air for no fault of us.
  11. whywhe

    Passports returned and no 221(g) issued

    hi..i'm in a similar scenario and am working frm india at clients office here.my employer is US based and is running the payroll there.how long is a question for me too...:-(
  12. whywhe

    Visa Interview at Hyderabad

    looks like only FTE model 'works' at hyd..!
  13. it doesn't matter..u can go to chennai or any consulate in india.u can always say u didn't get the date for hyd.
  14. whywhe

    Administrative site visit. plz help

    i went through the same ordeal and had similar questions and i answered it the same way as you did.i've not heard someone's h1 getting 'revoked' based on this basis.these visits have become very common to almost everyone though they say you are randomly chosen.they don't give you any outcome either.i'd say,relax !
  15. i'm in this stupid game frm 3mnths for now without any clue of the outcome.this is such a nonsense situation that everyone else doesn't lose much and we lose everything - time,money,status and peace ! i would have been more than happy if USCIS has denied it in the first place instead of getting caught in this infinite loop created by this approval system and officers who doesn't have any consistent policies for granting a visa.