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  1. indian_guy0219

    H1-B Travel Question

    Thanks - in case of #1 will the I94 have a validity of 6 days or until the expiry of the approved extension?
  2. indian_guy0219

    H1-B Travel Question

    Hi, I need to travel to India for a week in September: my current H1-B visa stamp is valid until 09/27/2015 and I plan on returning back to the U.S on 09/23/2015. A petition for extending the visa for another 3 years is currently with USCIS and I am hoping that I will have a decision by September. I have not changed employers and have been working for the same employer for the entire duration of my H1-B so far (6 yrs) Ideally I would have preferred to get the new visa stamped in passport while in India however I am not sure if this would be realistically possible given the short duration of my visit. In that regard my questions are: 1. Would there be any issues at the port of entry in the US if I travel back with 7 days left on my visa stamp and an approval notice for extension of stay unto 2018? 2. If I plan to get my visa stamped while in india, can I do so while my old visa is valid or would I need to wait until the visa stamp expires on 09/27/2015 in order to get the new visa stamped? I cannot delay, pull forward or extend my trip. Your input is much appreciated!! Thanks,
  3. Hello, My passport expires in Feb 2015 and my visa is valid until Sept 2015. The immigration officer has put down Feb 2015 as the valid to date on the immigration stamp in my passport. My question is, once I get a new passport, how do I get the immigration stamp extended to the expiry date of my visa? Do I have to travel outside the US for this or can I do it without leaving the country? Thank you!!
  4. indian_guy0219

    Questions regarding H4 visa application

    Thanks for the response pontevecchio. Just out of curiosity, any idea if a court marriage 3-4 months before the actual wedding would raise red flags at the time of interview?
  5. Hi, I was looking at the H4 visa application process and had a few questions regarding certain questions on the DS-160 and the process in general. Since I will be in India for a short period after marriage and would like to travel back to the US with my wife, and given the fact that the appointment dates usually fill up fast I was planning to have her fill out the DS-160 and schedule a visa stamping appointment prior to the actual wedding. In this regard how should she answer the following questions: 1. Marital Status - technically she would be single at the time of filling out the form but if she picks "single" as the answer how would her H4 application get connected to my H1-B? Since H4 is dependent visa for H1-B holder's family members I am guessing this connection needs to be made? 2. Family Information: Relatives - Q: Do you have any immediate relatives not including parents residing the US? Among the choices for immediate relatives not including parents, one option is "spouse" should she pick spouse over here? 3. Family Information: Spouse - Same as above. Should she provide my details here even if the form is filled before marriage? 4. Is the date and place of marriage asked in an H4 application? 5. Who is paying for the trip? The answer would either be self or spouse. Does it make the process less complicated if one is chosen above the other as both of us can show the ability to pay for the trip. 6. Is it beneficial or are there any drawbacks of a court marriage 3-4 months before the actual wedding ceremony? That would make it easier to set up the H4 stamping appointment and ensure that we can travel together but I am not sure if it will raise any red flags as there will not be any: wedding album, wedding invites, dates etc. 7. Is there any benefit of endorsing spouse's name on the passport prior to visa stamping? and is it required for the wife to change her name in the passport after marriage? Anybody here who recently applied for/got a H4 stamped preferably in Mumbai? Your help is appreciated, Thanks in advance
  6. indian_guy0219

    case not found while tracking i140

    I am in the same boat. My application too has been sent to the Nebraska service center.
  7. Does it matter what the new job title/description is? do they have to be similar for porting of PD to occur?
  8. indian_guy0219

    I140August 2012 processing time (regular processing, EB2)

    You can use ******** I-140 tracker to track I-140 applications. They show average days from when the application was received to when a decision was made. Of course not all cases are reported and not all the ones that are reported are updated - but it's still helpful to gen an idea.
  9. Hi, The law firm employed by the company I work for told me that my I-140 (EB2, non premium processing) will be sent to the Texas Service Center. However, when I got the receipt it turned out that the receipt number was from the Nebraska service center (receipt number starts with LIN) - when I asked the law firm about why my application ended up at the Nebraska service center instead of the Texas service center, they told me that all non premium processing application are sent to a Dallas lock box address from where USCIS sends it to either the Nebraska service center or Texas service center. The cases are evenly distributed between the two service centers. I wanted to verify that this information is correct. Anyone? Thanks for the advice.
  10. indian_guy0219

    Visa Stamping dates open for Mumbai in Nov/Dec

    How do you know when to check? I have been checking every 2 hours today and I didn't see any date open at Mumbai.
  11. indian_guy0219

    November dates opened

    maysan, which consulate?
  12. indian_guy0219

    Messy System for VISA Appointment

    Maysan, which consulate are you looking at?
  13. indian_guy0219

    Messy System for VISA Appointment

    Hi Maysan, when did you see Nov 9th open? I just checked and no dates were available in November.
  14. indian_guy0219

    Messy System for VISA Appointment

    also what happens after you use up all the attempts that you have to view the available dates?
  15. indian_guy0219

    Messy System for VISA Appointment

    Does anyone know if dates ever opened in for November at the Mumbai consulate??