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  1. Hi All, Is it allowed to travel on valid visa with old employer, i mean, me (H1) and my family (H4) got stamped with company A and all came to U.S, later I moved to company B and transferred my H1 only. (all my family H4 still with previous employer). All our visa's valid till 2015 and my approved i797 with new company is also valid till 2016. Is it o.k if my family re-enters to U.S after vacation? also my previous employer revoked my H1B, is that the issue? all forums saying that they need to show my i797 approvals but is anybody known this situation recently? please respond with your suggestions..
  2. yuga07

    Amendment question

    As long as you are working for employer B no need to Amend even you change clients.
  3. yuga07

    DS160 confirmation page question

    That's a common note all get after submission.
  4. yuga07

    visa approved in toronto for h1b renewal

    I attended on Wednesday and it says ready for pick up on Monday, so it is taking atleast three working days.. unfortunately i haven't received any notifications from their systems but i had to log-in CSC website to look for waybill no every day.
  5. my visa got approved for my h1b renewal in Toronto today. I already had h1b stamped in my old passport previously but went on h1b extension with new passport and visa got approved. VO asked about employer, client letters, w2 forms etc..
  6. Is there any updates on this? i got same, my status is not changing.
  7. I got same, could you share your updates please?
  8. yuga07

    221g cleared in three weeks in Ottawa

    Yes, he kept my passport and 797, but most of the time they are returning passport and sending an email to comeback for submission which i did not receive.. i got email directly saying passport ready for pick up. luckily i got PG accommodation (ottawadotsmileatgmail) there near by which saved lot of money....
  9. Hi All, I got 22g three weeks ago and it got cleared today...i had client letter which was not printed on a water mark letter pad for that VO issued 221g and later I requested my client manager to send an email. I feel that it got cleared because of his email to ottawaf@info.gov
  10. I have a visa interview on Aug 20th at Ottawa and planning to drive from NJ, Let me know if anyone is also planning on same date so that travel and stay can be shared.. send an email to kumar03@ymail.com
  11. thanks for sharing your experience. Could you give more details on how to check data update with KCC, is there any customer service number or any website? it's worth asking here instead checking with my dumb employer.