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  1. Hi, This, I assume, is a unique situation. I am the primary on I-485 and my spouse is the dependent. We applied for I-485 around aug07 under EB3 with a priority date of 12/6/2006. I did porting to EB2 and the new I-140 was approved on May 9th, 2014. I opened an SR on July 1st 2014 to confirm interfiling and SR response confirmed that the I-485 is linked to the new I-140. On 08/16 and 08/18/2014 Spouse got CPO and decision emails. She got the CPO with tracking number on 08/21 and physical card was delivered on 08/22. In the mean time, on 08/19/2014, we both got RFE's - me or Medical -Evl and spouse for Medical. We responded on 09/08 and the status for both of us has been in RFERR since 09/12/2014. I took an Infopass appointment. They said some one is working on my case. When I asked them about my spouse' case, they said it should be fine as in some situations cases are adjudicated by different officers. Since spouse has the physical GC, it is fine. Since there is no decision yet on my case yet and with the retrogression of dates starting November 1st, 2014, do I need to worry about my spouse's status? Please advise
  2. I was able to convince the senator's office to call uscis even though they were very reluctant. Within 10 minutes, they called me back with an update. The card was indeed not in production. This scenario appears very unusual. They expect to have another update by afternoon. Hopefully, it will be a positive news.. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying..
  3. Hi, I applied for EAD on July 15th 2014 as my current EAD was expiring on 10/14/2014. Opened a service request on October 1st since it was past 75 days. It was approved on October 7th but I have not received the physical card yet. Checked with USCIS customer service and Infopass but they are asking me to just wait for 30 days. I know there is some problem somewhere since we always received all our cards (mine and my wife's close to 10-12) within a week after approval. As you might have gathered, my current EAD expired and I am at home on unpaid leave. Checked with the congressman/senator's office but they expressed their inability to help. Are there any other avenues than to just wait till November 7th? Never been in this situation before. Really appreciate any inputs. thanks