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  1. unitedstates

    I 140 application transferred to NBC (MSC)

    hi , i am in same situation. it has been 10 months now. how long did it take for you to get your i-140 approved?
  2. Hi Pontevecchio, thanks for the reply. My question was not about PD retention. It is about usage of EB3 I-140 for applying to I-485. Can I use my previous EB3 I-140 to apply I-485 though I am not working for previous employer now. please clarify.
  3. Hi Here is my situation: Employer1 applied in I-140 in EB3 during 2009 - I have Dec 2009 as priority date and I got it approved. Later, I changed employer and ported the date and got my I-140 approval in EB2. Now, I predict that Eb3 dates may move in the coming months. If Eb3 moves till Dec 2009, can I use the EB3 I-140 approved petition from employer1 to file my adjustment of status though I am currently working for employer2? I appreciate your response in this topic. Thanks kumar
  4. unitedstates

    can we file two i-140 for one PERM/Labor certification

    Thanks JoeF. can we file in premium processing when changing from eb2 I-140 to eb3 I-140? Thanks again for the response. -kumar
  5. unitedstates

    can we file two i-140 for one PERM/Labor certification

    Thanks Pontevecchio
  6. Hi, I would like to know the possibility of filing 2 I-140 against a same labor/perm? I am currently on Eb2I with priority date dec 2009. If eb3i priority dates surpass eb2i, then can I file new I-140 in eb3 , in premium processing? Does filing new I-140 in eb3 invalidate my eb2 I-140? If possible can I do it even with out waiting for monthly bulletins? that way I will have 2 I-140s in EB2 and EB3, which ever category priority dates moves ahead first, I will apply for I-485 in that category. please let me know the possibility? thanks kumar
  7. Hi Here is my situation: I am currently working for company A. Company B has filed my I-140 2 years ago. I-140 with company B was approved. Now company B has revoked my I-140. if I am willing to go back to company B, is it possible that they can refile same I-140 with out again going through PERM process? please advice, I appreciate your help. Thanks kumar
  8. unitedstates

    H1B transfer from India

    Hi I am working for Indian company A and came to USA on H1B. Now, I am no more interested to work for company A. I got a better opportunity with company B. I have to give 2 month notice to company A,which means they will send me back to India soon after I resign in USA. After I reach India, 1. can I initiate the H1B transfer process with company B? 2. does company A revoke my H1B in the mean time? 3. How much time I will have for H1B transfer before company A applies for h1b cancellation? 4. do I need to get new visa stamping for company B or can travel to USA on same old company A visa after H1b transfer to company B? please advice. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am with employer A and had my I-140 approved. Now I will complete 6yrs of H1B June 2012. I have a better offer with employer B. I would like to make a change. If I make a change to employer B, will my I-140 gets cancelled and will I qualify for 7th year extension? Or does my I-140 remains valid? If I-140 gets cancelled, will I still qualify for extension with employer B? Please advice. Thanks