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  1. Hi All, Still Waiting for fingerprint / Biometric notice a) EB3 PD date - 06/13/2008 b) I-485 filling date - 8/27/2018 c) I-485 receipt date - 8/30/2018 MSC XXXX d) I-485J receipt Received E) Biometric date - Still waiting F) EAD approved date - waiting G) EAD received date - waiting H) Interview scheduled date - Waiting I) GC received date - waiting is any one Waiting for fingerprint / Biometric notice same time line ? . Do i need wait some more more time or Time for Call uscis ?? Thank you,
  2. kingkong1977

    Dependent Priority date Wrong

    I have contacted lawyer, no answer from them, I am waiting reply from them. To correct what need to be done ?? Can i Call USCIS directly ask them correct it over the phone, because when we did I485 we mention she is dependent on my paperwork. Thank you.
  3. Hi, We have filed employment based I-485 EB3 End of the August , we got receipt copy today, Applied I am primary and Wife dependent, In Spouse I-485 Priority date is wrong and Preference Classification is wrong . She have her own Approved I-140 Priority date June 2014 EB2, Her I-485 Receipt Shows, her Priority date 2014 and Preference Classification , Instead of mine Do i need to Call USCIS and correct same like mine or Is it normal ?? is any one have faced this issue Thank you,