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  1. I almost decided to go to chennai for my first time H1B stamping, from the official website http://chennai.usconsulate.gov/h1bvisas.html , we need to take company Annual Reports for interview. My question is if i go for stamping in CANADA, do i need to take these documents too? Or they are not required in CANADA?
  2. amarsat123

    How long is my old HDFC receipt valid?

    Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions. I will also try to read whats on the slip!! Thanks once again!!
  3. bought the HDFC receipt in May 2010. I scheduled appointment on sep 13th 2010 and canceled it. Can i reschedule using the same receipt on sep 20th 2011, or is it expired?
  4. Hello everyone, My Company AA, has decided to apply for my green card a month back. All the documents were ready and they will be applying in 2 r 3 weeks. My question is: 1.) Suppose my PERM is approved, can i leave the company AA and join a company B in 2012? (Pay is my concern so i am leaving the job in this case, i am not fired or laid off here). 2.) Suppose my PERM is approved in a month, then whats is the second stage? 3.) and if my company files the second stage and it is under approval or if the second stage is approved, can i leave the company then and join a new one in 2012? Helping my questions will be greatly appreciated.