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  1. I stumbled upon this topic as I was looking for the same answer. Even I am EB category and my green card says "signature waived". I guess mine is still Old format as what i see on the internet but I received my GC in Sept 2017. So don't know whether should I call the department to check on this.
  2. I already received my Green Card one month ago. But today I received Biometrics appointment and should visit the USCIS ASC. Is something not completely closed in their system.. Should I go for biometric appointment ?/?
  3. if a person travels with new Green Card within 2 months and if have not yet started the employment with the sponsoring employer, Will this be a problem while entering into US. Plan to join soon after coming back. Will officer at POE have the details of the sponsoring employer and ask for the employment details.
  4. antarix

    Deny entry with valid EAD/AP?

    Does denial or abandon of I-131 in above scenario means denial of I-485 too ? If they can unilaterally apply this rule for I-131 then they can apply this rule for I-485 too even though USCIS itself mentions on its website about narrow exceptions for non immigration status. As per Attorney, Office of Nebraska has been informed about the rectification of error. So accordingly will this message pass on to all other service centers too? Definitely after so much wait of more than 10 years and frustration, we filed I-485 and now with just this innocent mistake of travelling outside US (not even mistake, within per the rule published), our green card is at stake again.
  5. I have PERM & I-140 approved with my ex employer A. My dates are current. I currently work with Employer B on H1B visa. My current employer B filed PERM last year and got denied due to technical error. Now they have filed a new PERM. At the same time, my ex employer has agreed to hire once I get my green card and based on which I can file my I-485. My question is with given scenario and immigration changes, should I go ahead and file I-485 thru my ex employer or wait for the PERM results with current employer. Reasons for my question: 1) Since my PERM was denied 1st time, chances of audit with same employer may be high this year which may longer. Also since employer is having cash loss, question of ability to pay may arise however there is enough funding through corporate overseas borrowing. 2) Filing I-485 thru ex employer may raise some RFE questions or interview though intentions may be genuine.
  6. One of the attorney suggested that under executive action when it is implemented, even if I-140 is approved and not revoked, a person may be able to file for I-485 ( pre register) even though dates are not current and have changed job to new employer. i.e. I-140 - With Old employer I-485 - Filed under executive action while working with new employer. After 180 days, we use AC21 to port in from Old employer to new employer Is this correct? Thanks
  7. antarix

    H1B to H4 - refiling ?

    Please reply... Can we apply for new H4 along with H1B transfer ( premium processing) when original H4 application is still pending? Also, in case H1B transfer is denied then new H4 is automatically denied. But still original H4 is still valid?
  8. antarix

    H1B to H4 - refiling ?

    New H4 is because earlier H4 would be only for 7 months ( my old H1B) and it will take some time to come. With New H4, I will get under premium processing and for 3 yrs
  9. antarix

    H1B to H4 - refiling ?

    My wife's change of status has been filed from H1B to H4. We got the receipt for the same but waiting for final H4. Now I am transferring my H1B from current employer to new employer under premium processing. I plan to file new H4 for my wife along with my H1B transfer so it comes faster. In this case : 1) What happens to the earlier H4 filed. 2) After I get new H4 under premium processing, will they close the old H4 automatically? 3) Do I need to provide receipt for the earlier H4 filed for new H4. 4) Do I need to provide all her employment related documents again or will it be just filing from filed H4 to new H4.
  10. antarix

    H1B transfer & Green Card Filing

    Thanks a lot... I want little clarification on 3rd one... first reply says It is valid indefinitely if my previous I-140 is still valid and is not revoked. If revoked then upto H1B validity. Second reply says upto H1B validity. Is this reply same as above or you mean to say irrespective of previous I-140 still good or revoked, I can stay only upto H1B validity. In this case do I get another extension?
  11. Hi.. I am in 12th Year of H1B but still waiting for EB3 green Card. I found a employer who is ready to file my H1B Transfer and file my green card under EB2. Now questions are: 1) I plan to resign only after H1B transfer is approved. In case my H1B transfer is denied, still my status would be valid with current employer? 2) Is there any waiting period between joining of the new employer and green card filing. Can they file immediately after joining. 3) Since I am in 4th extension of H1B and my labor and I-140 will be newly filed, in case of unfortunate event of labor or I-140 being denied, how many years of H1B do I get to stay since I already used my 6 years of H1B.
  12. antarix

    H1B part time - H4

    Hello, My wife was on H1b part time. She is completing her H1B term in Jan 2015. I plan to file her H4 application in Oct 14 for effective date as Jan 2015 because her driving license expires on same date and in Texas they go by visa date for driving license. Questions: 1) How many pay stubs is required for H4 Filing. 2) My wife was on vacation and been to India in month of Aug 14. We do not have pay stub for Aug. So is it ok ? Will not having pay stub for Aug 14 be ok? We can provide for Sep 14 and July 14 and before for any period.... 3) Since it was part time H1B, so accordingly pay was at LCA level. Will they inquire into low salary data too?
  13. I have some questions. I am Chartered Accountants from India. CA is considered as reputed degree but unfortunately does not even qualify for being called as Bachelors in US. I have 10Yrs experience and membership of professional association. I am planning to port from EB3 to EB2. 1) Can by same employer file for EB2 under Exceptional ability? 2) If EB2 case is denied are there any chances it may open the case for EB3 to check the filing criteria. 3) Will it be easy for new employer under EB2 - Exceptional Ability as compared to Current employer 4) If denied, will it open the case for EB3 to check with previous employer 5) If Educational Evaluation they evaluate it as Bachelor of Accounting but not they mention from Single Source. Still will it be a good case for Bachlors + 5 Yrs of experience.
  14. Any idea...? SInce Obama has declared that he will act on his own on comprehensive immigration policy, will it anyway help to move green card dates forward ? Streamlining GC Dates was also part of comprehensive policy... I am waiting for it since I am planning to move from EB3 to EB2..
  15. My wife is on H1B currently and her H1B will expire in Jan 2015. She has completed all 6 years. Now only option left is on H4. Problem here in Texas is that our driving license is attached to I-94. So if she does not get her H4 on time, she wont be able to drive as her I-94 wouldn't be updated in the system. How do we apply for H4. How long it takes for H4 to process. Can we do premium processing of H4 approval?