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  1. tusharvk

    non-MR passports

    Wanted to start this topic for those members who may be stuck in India due to having non-machine readable passports issued in US consulates. How to go about getting passport converted to machine readable while in India? what address proof and other documents they had to provide. Anybody who has done this type of conversion (original non machine readable passport issued in US consulate but had to convert to machine readable passport in the passport offices in India). Please share your experiences.
  2. tusharvk

    Hand Written Passport

    what did you end up doing?
  3. tusharvk

    Hand Written Passport

    Sorry to hear that. But it is also curious that the consulate in US would issue a non machine readable passport. Did you find answer or figure this issue out at all? If someone has green card or any visa page on the passport, the same are machine readable. Would that not solve your problem? (at least to the extent they letting you board the plane and get back to USA)?
  4. I understand your point. in similar boat. passport issued in US part handwritten and part typed. I think that it is green card they will care about at POE; but when you arrive in India or board airplane from US headed to India, will they let you?
  5. tusharvk


    a passport issued from consulate in chicago in 2005: Is it MRP? I hear non MRP passports are invalid for travel after nov 2015. Thank you.
  6. tusharvk

    Immunizations for 485

    I693 is not so confusing; but just ask questions reg specific section. You ca check with another doctor also; but stick to a civil surgeon. If rfe you can go back to him for his mistakes.
  7. tusharvk

    Travel while AP pending

    Do you have a valid visa to return?
  8. tusharvk

    Immunizations for 485

    If you do not have records, you can still talk to your doctor to do blood test to check for vaccination.
  9. They release the data on the application they are working on by receipt date.check the data before getting too worried.
  10. She can study while 485 pending, talk to a lawyer regarding your other questions.
  11. tusharvk

    Emails From UCICS Regarding EAD/AP Renewal

    What's the issue? When they are done, you will get your cards.
  12. tusharvk

    H-4 as backup while I-485 pending?

    H4 as back up can be done if you are concerned about 485 denial; I am curious why though.
  13. You need fresh h1b filed by the employer; cap or not depends on how many years you worked on h1b and if your i140 was revoked.
  14. tusharvk

    AOS - Birth Certificate Unique Issue

    Keep in mind that if your birth certificate is not issued within certain timeframe of your birth; it will not be useful. So you can get affidavits from your parents. There would be templates that they can use.
  15. tusharvk

    Visa bulletin released for June 2014

    whether eb2, eb3 or eb1c, all should get scrutiny anyway to prevent abuse. The backlog is not getting cleared soon; only need to have injection of unused numbers from other categories. Like what happened in FY 2011-12 and again in early FY2014.