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  1. foreveranuj

    Interview scheduling

    While I finish the DS-160 forms for my parents applying (renewing) their US Tourist visas, can someone confirm if any of the US Consulates in India are currently accepting non-emergency travel appointments at all? When I check this: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/wait-times.html , all I see is [Emergency Appointments Only] for US Consulates in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc. Pls advise, thanks!
  2. foreveranuj

    Traveling abroad

    Hi - I doubt I have my I-797A Approval Notice of H1(I need to search). I'm a permanent resident(greencard holder) now traveling out of the country soon - flying out of JFK-NY. Questions: 1. While flying OUT of US, will I be asked for my I-797? I have the first three-year H1 visa stamp, but not the subsequent years' because I never traveled abroad, OR, will my Greencard alone suffice? 2. Any other doc I should carry when leaving US? (I'm less worried about coming back) Thanks. - AJ
  3. foreveranuj


    Hello - I'm a permanent resident(GC holder) here in US. I will be traveling to India very soon, and wanted to know more about the travel formalities. 1. When leaving US, what are the documents that I should keep ready? ... or will the greencard alone suffice (alongwith my Indian passport of course). 2. When re-entering US, what are the documents that I should keep handy? ... besides the greencard. 3. Do I need to carry my old I-797 H1 visa approval copies? 4. At the port of entry, is there a separate line for (Citizens & Perm. residents) and (non-immigrants). Thanks in advance!