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  1. In my case (postdoc at university) the only document they asked for was the approval notice.
  2. I see. Originally I thought that the administrative processing is either due to PhD (TAL realted) or potentially a background check as I do have a Muslim name.
  3. Visa issued on 5th March, exactly after 10 days. So bascially administrative processing can also happen to people who are not issued the 221g.
  4. Is administrative processing = 221g? Because no where during the entire interview process was 221g mentioned anywhere and neither any kind of slip was issued to me. At this point I am seriously considering applying for academic jobs in India. One funny thing was that the visa officer first asked for my kids passports (US citizens) and then asked me their DOBs.
  5. At least he told you that your visa is approved. In my case he didnt say anything. In retrospect I should have asked him.
  6. Hi I am a postdoc working on H1b in a large pulic university since last 3 years. Me and my wife went for our first H1b stamping. Before this I was on F1 for a couple of years (during my PhD). We had our interview at Delhi. The visa officer told us to go to another counter and submit the passport. The Indian guy at this second counter did not ask for any other documents and no slip was issued to me. Upon checking the visa status on the DOS website (using the DS160 bar code) number I see "Administrative processing". So whats the deal. Is this about 221g. If yes then why didnt they ask for further documents or issue me a slip. Looks like most people on 221g get slip. The only documents I was ever asked was the USCIS approval notice. Any idea as to what's wrong. I and my wife have never had any problems before (F1/F2, renewals etc.) I am a little unsure as to what exactly is going on. Maybe I should look for a job in India :) Thanks in advance
  7. sbpl

    Messy System for VISA Appointment

    I have been trying to schedule my interview at the consulate since last week and I cant get ANY dates whatsoever. It just keeps saying no dates are available. Customer service is a joke and told me to keep trying as the dates are released by the consulate. The 15 year old system of standing in a que early in the morning was so much easier. Given the hassle in scheduling the interview and then the uncertainty in the waiting period following the interview I would suggest that you postpone your trip.
  8. Hello Forum Members I am currently on H1B working as a post-doc for a university (before that I was on F1). Ever since I changed my status from F1 to H1B I havent left the US (almost 2 years now). Now I have to go to France for a job interview but I wont be able to return to US without getting my visa stamped. According to the US embassy in France I should be able to apply for a visa. But is it advisable? I know everything depends on luck and there are many variables involved but if people who have been able to get H1B from countries other than India can comment then that would be great. I have never had any problems before but these days you just never know. Thanks