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    H4 EAD - Urgent Help needed

    Hi folks, I need urgent help on this. i had applied for H1 to H4 conversion in month of August along with H4 EAD concurrently. However before the decision is made on either of cases (h1 to H4 conversion and H4 EAD) I had to leave for India for personal reason where I got my H4 stampped and travelled back to US. When I checked status of both of my applications (h1 to H4 conversion and H4 EAD), it still shows case received while I was thinking they would have been cancelled since I left the country. Does anyone have any idea what happens to these cases in this situation? I am more curious to understand if I need to file new H4 EAD application? If so, will there be any problem since earlier application still shows the case received instead of cancelled etc.? OR my earlier H4 EAD application will still be processed without me doing anything and just wait for it? Appreciate any help / guidance you can provide on this.
  2. Hi, I am from India and in US on H1B VISA which is scheduled to expire in Sept 2012. I have not applied for GC yet but now my employer suggested to apply for the same. As per the guidelines from my employer, I am eligible for EB3 category. My wife is also on H1B visa, works for different employer but her employer does not file GC for anyone. she has 4 Yrs bachelor's degree and around 6+ years of experience (4 Yrs with current employer and 2 Yrs with other). Since I am from India, it will take forever to get GC under EB3. With this situation, I am thinking to follow the steps below to get GC soon. Apply EB3 with my current employer, include my wife too on that as dependent. After couple of years or so, once I-140 is approved, have my wife changing the job with the employer who can file EB2 for her. Then port my PD in her application and include me too on that as dependent and get GC processed under EB2. However, I am not sure if this is inline with USCIS rules and what could be possible hurdles. Would anyone please let me know on this. And even if this approach would not work, appreciate if someone can help me to come up with most quicker way to get GC processed, with the given situation described in first two paras above. Thanks Tarun