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  1. On the same topic I'm living outside India for 13 yrs now and visit India once or twice a year, but not able to visit since 2 years now. My approved H1 has Permanent address listed as my New Mumbai address and Consulate specified as Mumbai for the processing. Can I get my H1B stamped at my overseas location - where I'm residing ? I may not be able to travel to India to see my family before I move to US, so I may need to fly out from here to US. kindly advice.
  2. Kkdd

    H1-H4 Processing

    please cancel this one
  3. Kkdd

    H1-H4 Processing

    I'm a first timer at h1b processing. We are a family of 2 kids and wish to take wife and kids on h4 to US. We reside in Singapore (Indian passport) and have valid B1/B2 (visitor) visa for all members. I need advice on how to proceed further. Do I need to get my H1 stamping first and then get H4 visa processed for dependents? Can I get my H1 stamping and Dependents H4 stamping (together at the same time)? Can my dependents travel with me to US and then can I get their H4 visas? (I understand this is too much of an hassle) Please advice on best action I can take. Currently I have only documentation available for my H1 processing and need to get additional documentation if I have to get my dependents visa processed. Thanks in advance.