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  1. Sudhakar0204

    Advice on Cap-Exempt Petition filing

    Hi Jairichi Thanks for your reply. Infact during my 2nd H1b interview, the consular officer didn't even ask for a single document. They have retained my Highest qualification academic transcript and marks memo, Client letter, Contract between employer and client, foreign degree evaluation prepared by the professional. After few months the consulate has returned my academic certificates along with another 221G form saying my case requires further more admin procssing. I don't see any flaw in my case as the 2nd employer is a preferred vendor with many fortune 500 companies and also the employment i got with one of those clients. Thats why i would like to try with another employer who is at the same profile. And kindly clarify one more question: I have seen some where that with in 6 years from the initial petition ( cap subjected petition i.e. in my case 2007 petition) date, a subsequent petition can be filed as a cap exempted.. Does this apply in my case? Regards Sudhakar
  2. Sudhakar0204

    Advice on Cap-Exempt Petition filing

    Some one Kindly advice on this...
  3. Sudhakar0204

    Am i cap exempted? please advice

    Hello forum members I was sponsored for H1b in 2007 quota and i got the stamping done with that petition on my passport. But I Never travelled to US by using that visa. In the year 2012 quota another employer has filed a cap exempted petition and been to the consulate with that petition, but unfortunately got a RFE during that interview, still the case is under administrative processing. Now if another employer is willing to sponsor me for H1b, will it comes under CAP or Cap Exempted? I have read some where that incase if the applicant never travelled to US on the previous H1 visas, then the subsequent petitions can be filed as a cap exempted.... Please advice on this as i have a prospective employer willing to give me the H1b sponsorship? Regards Sudhakar
  4. Hi Forum Please advice on the below situation: Initial H1b petion filed : April 2007 Stamping Done : June 2008 but didn't enter into US on that visa 2nd H1b Petition Filed : April 2012 as a cap exempted petition Attended Visa stamping : Jan 2013 but case went into Administrative processing 221G 1. In the above situation if a new employer wants to file another H1b petition, will it be possible to file as a cap exempted or it will be subjected to cap? 2. can the new petition be filed immediately or have to follow the normal time lines? Kindly advice on this... Regards Sudhakar
  5. Sudhakar0204

    221G - Chennai Consulate - H1b - Jan 17th

    Hi Forum Members After 6.5 months from the visa date and 221G white additional admin processing, i got the academic certificates back from the consulate and along with another 221G blue form saying the same old update as "the case requires additional administrative processing". Dont understand how many years they will do the processing on the case.
  6. Sudhakar0204

    New H1 Petition while old one in Admin Process

    Thanks for your update Jairichi. Nothing has changed in my circumustances. Inface i got the H1b stamping in 2008 but didn't travel. And in 2013 its been kept on admin process with query frm VO that, Having a non technical academic qualification, how did you become an IT consultant? (this is the question i got from him, though with a lengthy explination he didn't get convinced and said it requires further processing on my application). I feel its just a predetermined thought of the VO that day. Otherwise when my credentials didn't matter for the H1 in 2008, how does it matter in 2013. And with the same type of credentials (MBA and working as Oracle ERP Functional consultant) there are many other people going on H1. Thats why i am thinking of giving a try again. Regards
  7. Hi Forum Members I have attended for H1b visa interview in the month of Jan-2013 at chennai consulate but my case has been kept on 221g administrative processing. Till now even after 7 months, i don't hear any update from the consulate. And my earlier petition is going to expire by March-2014. Now i am planning to apply for a new petition with a different employer. Shall i attend the interview with the new approved petition from a different employer while the earlier one in Admin process? Do i need to write to the consulate for withdrawal of my old petition? or shall i proceed for the interiview with the new petition? Kindly provide your updates.. Regards Sudhakar
  8. Sudhakar0204

    H1B 221g white slip - Chennai Consulate

    Hi Gohel I am also in the same situation like u but i never travelled to USA. I got H1b stamping in 2008 but bcoz of mkt condition at that time i haven't travelled and evenutually my employer has revoked the petition. This year in 2013, January i have again been to Chennai for H1b stamping, with a petition filed by a prime vendor for fortune 500 companies, based in california. After couple of rounds of interview for about 1.5 hrs by 2 different officers, Finally they have expressed a concern that they are ok with client and employment, But they have a concern to check how i have become the IT consultant with a management academic back ground. A breif of my academic and profession background: --------------------------------------------------------------- Graduate in Commerce (B.Com) Post Graduate in Management (MBA (Finance)) Certified ERP consultant in financials from ORACLE Corp Has been working as Oracle ERP Financials Functional consultant from 2004 JUly Worked in MNC's like GE, Infy, Oracle... After showing all these documentary evidence, they said that i have been offered a designation as "Systems Analyst" which is in contradictory as per them and which requires a computer degree.....(sounds silly for me) Infact the field in which i am working (i am a business analyst on Oracle ERP) and the academic Degree (MBA Finance) is perfect match as far as i know... What so ever be it is, my case has been in pending for the last 6 months and nothing updated... Could you please share the reason what they told for your 221 query? Sudhakar
  9. Hi I have attended the H1b interview on 17th Jan 2013 and the case has been into 221G admin process. The case is still under admin process but now i want to go to US for a 10 days visit on B2. As i already have B1/B2 category visa on my passport. Is it ok if i go for a pleasure visit while my H1b is in process? Does it impact the H1b case process in any way? Regards
  10. Sudhakar0204

    Travel to US on B1/B2 while H1b is under admin process

    Could some one please update on this point... Regards
  11. Hi I have attended the H1b interview on 17th Jan 2013 and the case has been into 221G admin process. The case is still under admin process but now i want to go to US for a 10 days visit on B2. As i already have B1/B2 category visa on my passport. Is it ok if i go for a pleasure visit while my H1b is in process? Does it impact the H1b case process in any way? Regards
  12. Sudhakar0204

    Please help.. how to get back my certificates?

    In the 221G form they have provided one email contact which VFS general inquiry email id. I don't see any use in sending the emails for that. Could some one share if you have the email where we can request the consulate for the certificates? Regards Sudhakar
  13. Hi I have attended H1 interview in chennai on 17th Jan 2013. My case has been kept under admin process with out any additional documentary evidence requested. Case was mainly kept under 221G because of my academic qualification (MBA) and the ERP consulting job i am in. They said they want to check the relevance between my academics and job. During the interview the VO collected my original academic certificates and told that it will be returned after their necessary evaluation. Its almost 4.5 months but still no update on case or they didn't return my certificates. Please help me how to request them to send the certificates back? is it ok if we ask them with out finalising the case? Regards Sudhakar
  14. Sudhakar0204

    221g pink slip in chennai

    Even the same case with me. Attended visa interview on Jan 17th - chennai - 221G white - no update as yet. I have an unutilised H1b visa staped in 2008 but never been to US.
  15. Sudhakar0204

    221G - Chennai Consulate - H1b - Jan 17th

    Hi Kumar No this is not my first H1b. I got stamped in 2008 but haven't travelled on that as the mkt was not good at that time. Eventually my employer revoked the petition due to my non availability. Sudhakar