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    H1->H4->H4 EAD->H1 Cap Exemption

    Hello all, My wife has exhausted her 6-years of H1B, and presently on H1 extension thanks to her I-140 being approved. We're wondering if she can take some break from work for a few months, meaning she will convert to H4 for a few months. And after a few months, when she starts to work again, she will leverage the H4-EAD (which I understand is also under debate) based on my own I-140. At that point, will she able to convert from H4 EAD back to H1B, being cap-exempt - given that she's already exhausted her original 6 yrs of H1B? Hope I am being clear enough. Thanks in advance for the responses. Regards,
  2. @ brkh1b: I have been a FTE, since 2006. The entrance to the US consulate in Toronto is in 225 Simcoe Street, Toronto.
  3. Hi, I'd like to share my experience as well. I had my H1B visa interview on Monday, June 25 2012 at the Toronto Embassy. I was asked the following questions: What company do you work for? What do they do? What is your designation and what do you do for them? Do you like the job? How big is the company? What is your highest level of education? What is your salary? I was not asked for any documents besides passport and I-797, both of which were retained by the VO after the interview. The VO informed that my visa is approved and said it'd be available in 3-5 days. I received an email from Loomis on Wednesday evening, stating the passport was picked up from the consulate. I picked up the passport at the Markham Loomis location at 8:30 AM on Thursday (28th June). Parked my car in the parking lot across the Simcoe Street entrance. There is a self operated photo booth inside the Toronto embassy. It'd cost you CAD 10, in case you are asked to take a newer photo. I was asked to get a new set of photos by the prelimnary document collecting VO, as she deemed the photos were older than 6 months. After I got my notification from DHL on Wednesday, I started looking for return flights from Toronto to Boston. I found that 1-stop flights to boston from the Pearson airport started at $550. Non-stop was starting at about $750. I found that there is another airport, Toronto City (Billy Bishop) Airport. From there, Porter Airline flights to Boston were $250 for a non-stop flight. That was an awesome rate. So I dropped of my rental car at a Budget car rental location at 40 Blue Jays Way (there was no drop off fee even though I had picked the car at the Pearson Airport), and from there took a $10 cab ride to the city airport. That airport is awesome and is a breeze to pass through security, and they have a wonderful lounge. Note that you do have to take a ferry (2 minute ride) that takes you to the boarding terminal. Ferry is of course free of cost, and there is one every 15 mins. By the way, Porter had no baggage check in fee, which I found awesome as well. For your information, another option I considered was driving down to Buffalo and from there taking a flight to Boston. That would have worked out quite inexpensive as well, but this was more efficient for me. Good luck! Regards, Srinath
  4. First, thanks to the forum administrators and contributors. I have benefited a lot from this forum on various topics. I would like to post my recent experience at the port of entry while getting back into the US. I recently traveled to India on a 3 week vacation, during which I also got my H1B stamped. I had absolutely no problems (no 221G) with getting my visa stamped. That part when smoothly. At the port of entry (Boston), I was asked a few simple questions: 1. Why are you in the US? 2. What is your role in the company? 3. Do you work directly for the employer or is there a client? (I work for the employer, there is no client in my case) 4. Where is your company located? It is this last question that is the subject of this post. To give a complete answer to the question, I said the company is headquartered in XXX, California, and my office is located in YYY, Massachusetts. He caught on to this and asked me, who gave me permission to work in MA. I said I have the offer letter with me from the company, which clearly states that my place of work is MA. He said he does not care about any company offer letter and wanted to know if I/the company obtained permission from the government for me to work at MA. I said I am not aware of any such permission requested or received. I also showed him my I-797, which also simply lists the company's headquarters (California) address in the 'Petitioner' line. He then called another officer and asked him to escort me to the "Secondary". At the secondary, I was quickly called on. The officer asked me questions similar to the officer in the primary. He asked me for proof that I am allowed by the govt to work in MA. I didn't know what proof to show and was simply replying to the officer's questions and contemplating my options. He said the company must have filed an LCA with the govt which seeks permission for me to work from MA. Once he said LCA, I at least knew where to look (because little did I know before that LCA contains that information). Since I was going for my visa stamping, I had luckily taken the whole set of documents, including the LCA. In all the 6 times I have traveled outside the US in the last 3 years on H1B, this was the first time I happened to carry an LCA (as this is usually retained by the company). The officer finally stamped my passport with permission to enter and told me, "if you did not have the document for a proof, you were going to go back to India today". For those of you on a visa and traveling internationally, I recommend that you guys carry all the documents you can. You never know what will come handy.