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  1. Hi, I’m here in US on H1B, i currently working and h1b is valid until 2020. i have an approved I-140 and was waiting to apply form I-485. But I recently got married and my wife is a US citizen. I’m filling out my application packet for permanent residence under Family based category. My question is do I mention that I have applied to become a permanent residence through employment based category (eb2) in my current family based application? I appreciate your help thank you, Arun
  2. Hi, I would like to thank all users on murthy.com. My back ground: a) MS in Electrical Engineering from US University b) EVC model c) F1 to H1 first time stamping I had my interview at 8:30am, you might have seen couple other posts who attended Visa on same day. I got approved, but the officer said it might get delayed because he could not verify PIMS. My H1B was renewed in in July 2010, so its been more than years and half, but unfortunately my H1B info was not updated in PIMS database. Interview: VO: Good morning, How you doing? Me: Good morning i am good, how you doing today /* I was trying to hand him my old passport...*/ VO: I would only need the number (piece of laminated paper with token number) VO: Who do you work for? Me: xxx company VO: How long you been working for end client? Me: since Feb 2010 VO: How long you been working for your employer? Me: since July 2007 VO: Who do you report to? Me: Mr.xx; my manager (essentially my employer). VO was taking at look at the employer verification letter. VO: (holding client, vendor, and my employer letters) so you work for xxx company, xxx vendor, and xxx cleint, right? Me: correct VO: What do you do at your end client? Me: started to tell job responsibilities (as mentioned in H1B Petition), **** before i could finish, VO handed me a piece of paper how to track and get my passport, and said "at this point your Visa is approved, but PIMS verification is pending. it might take little longer to get your passport". ***one thing to remembered is I always made eye contact with the officer, even though he was looking at the computer. Ok, I got my visa, but I was prepared for a longer stay. One of my friend's cousin attended in Ottawa back in December and had to stay for 25days. Anyways, it's Wednesday (Feb 8th), I got an email from Ottawa consulate saying i can pick up my passport. I am surprised, but hey it's time to get back to USA. Ok PIMS? my research; correct me if i am wrong please Please read the following, if you have time before you attend Visa, I would encourage you contact your employer to contact USCIS, and confirm PIMS status or put a request for verification. Only USCIS can send Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) to update PIMS!!! ****only a specific USCIS department would handle such requests. Make sure your employer mentions it to them.**** USCIS Phone number: 1-800-375-5283 (only employer or attorney can call) The following message explains how an employer should file your H1B, most of the employers might miss bright color sheet with a note, and that might (not necessarily) delay PIMS database status update.... /* PIMS Processing Update If there’s a chance a beneficiary of a petition needs to obtain a visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate after the petitioner requests a change of status, extension of status, or amendment to the original petition it is advisable that the petitioner submit 2 copies of the updated petition with the original signatures on all forms to USCIS. When submitting the 2 copies of the updated petition it is encouraged to identify one of them with a brightly colored cover sheet with the notation “Please send this copy to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) upon approval”. Once approved, USCIS will then forward the marked copy of the updated petition to KCC for scanning and entry into the PIMS database where the U.S. Embassy or Consulate will be able to access the updated petition. */ Yours Sincerely, Arun
  3. anaredla

    First time H1B stamping (F1 to H1B)

    @forumman, I appreciate your input. I do agree that all interviews are different, and the word liberal is relative and here it was used in terms of higher percentage of Visa approval. I belong to EVC (Employer-Vendor-Client); I guess my application has least percentage of Visa approval. @doctor_Baali, thank you for your reply
  4. Hi, I was under the impression that I have to go India if i need to get H1B stamping for the first time (Need to change from F1 to H1 visa). a) Is it true that i could go to Canada to get my H1 Visa stamping? b) Which Canadian consulates are potentially liberal in issuing Visa (provided I have proper documentation)? I have valid H1 papers but don't have VISA stamping since May 2005. Can anyone provide me web links for more information, please? Thank you,