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  1. ak_mn_10

    Drop Box H1B Visa stamping.

    @Shekar 11 how is kalyan797 eligible for drop box? It has to be within 12 months of expiry ..he is arriving in India on nov 30th while his visa expires on Nov 23rd. Please re read the rules.
  2. ak_mn_10

    H4 Visa stamping dropbox

    Hi, Access this website http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/ Create a profile, and while doing do system will prompt you for questions and determine if you are eligible or not. In my case i thought i was eligible but it wasn't the case. So i need to go for an interview. Hope this helps.
  3. For all those who viewed my query and had nothing to suggest; below was the solution. Call up the call center listed on the website and resolve your query. Hope this helps somebody else.
  4. trying to create profile abd says .. USTRAVELDOCS error - "An applicant with same details already exist" provide feedback section i have sent an email, Any idea how soon will they respond ? anybody in same boat as me ?
  5. We are in the EXACT Same situation for amendment but no travel plans yet. July 2015 applied for location amendment, then upgraded to premium in Feb, we got RFE..now again waiting. this is ridiculous. My friend applied in Jan for amendment, she got in feb
  6. ak_mn_10

    canada visitor visa

    My Canada visitor visa is expiring July 2016. I looked their site, there is no renewing I think I have to reapply again. has anyone done this? also according to new rules we need a doctor certificate, how are you guys going about this?
  7. @KS261187 Did you receive your approval hard copy ?
  8. they took 3 weeks to approve our PP and now its been 3 weeks not received hard copy yet. very frustrating !
  9. ak_mn_10

    Approval notice for premium processing

    My H4 is approved....i am waiting for hard copy...and its been 3 weeks so i am wondering how much longer it will take.
  10. ak_mn_10

    Approval notice for premium processing

    Can somebody please share your experience?
  11. Its been 2 weeks since our approvals came through but have not received the notice in hand yet. I dont think the lawyer attached prepaid return envelope. How much more longer to wait.
  12. Ok i have asked my husband to check with attorney. Does H4 copy also go to them or only H1b?
  13. @kkinusa Applied for PP in Feb 2015, respnded to RFE in may recd approval on june 3
  14. @ confessions did u receive your hard copy yet? Our extension of status got approved on June 3rd but not yet receuved hard copy.
  15. ak_mn_10

    Suspension of Premium Processing

    @KS261187 @ sbob1002 Ours got approved on June 3. H1 & H4 both were filed in PP in Feb, but Rfe in March..so finally responded sometime in May...dont know date. Hoping you guys get your approval too.