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  1. Hello, Wondering how long it takes to get EAD and GC once I file I-485 (assuming PD is current).. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. criscris

    Nagarjuna University Official Transcripts

    Hi Desidesmoines, I am looking to order transcripts to apply for USA universities.. would they send it directly? what is the fee.. somehow there is no service online in Nagarjuna university.
  3. criscris

    Regarding U visa details

    sorry to hear about your incident.. I have similar situation, waiting for advise.
  4. criscris

    U Visa Question

    Hello, around 8 years ago, I was stabbed in neighborhood and consequently lost consciousness due to heavy bleeding.. neighbors called 911 and I was hospitalized, and I am alive finally. I cooperated with Police, but they never gave me any report. I was in fact not in a situation to even ask for a report, because I was worrying about severity of my injury. I just was able to answer their questions, and police officer left. Last week I came to know about U visa.. am I eligible now? wondering how to get old police report. would they close my case? does the case status matter for U Visa? Should I hire a lawyer or ask my employer's Legal department to handle this?
  5. Hi, Both my wife and I are on H1B. My visa expires in 2014, and my wife's expires o 5th march. usually her employer files for extension during the last 2 weeks as per their policies. In case, unfortunately, her visa extension gets RFE, we will hae some 30-60 days to respond. to be on the safe side, during that 30-60 days of time, can I apply H4 for my wife as RFE are likely to get deniel? We can't file for extension earlier due to company policies. So, Ineed to understnad the alternatives in this situation. Thanks