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  1. phoenixbird

    H1B transfer and dependent visa transfer and stamping

    babup1413 You need to go for new Visa stamping Please check Question 13 on USA Visa Site http://cdn.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-gen-faq.asp#work41
  2. phoenixbird

    Unpaid X-mas Vacation on H-1B (Amendment from Employer)

    @ JoeF -- I talked to my employer and Lawyer ... My lawyer suggested them to file for Amendment... Also I do not have paid vacation which I can use while this shutdown .. Any suggestions ?
  3. Team , I know this topic has been discussed on this forum many times , but please advice me with current situation I know I supposed get paid all the time during my tenure with my Employer ( While in USA) , But now I have situation where nobody in my company (client ) working for 2 weeks during X-mas and when I checked with my employer for Pay during shutdown he said he is going to ask lawyer to file Amendment for 2 weeks unpaid vacation . Is it common ? Is it Legal? or My Employer just trying to avoid me paying for shutdown? What are the chances of this Amendment getting approved? What would be the consequences of this on my H-1B .. I am planning Indian trip and need to get Visa stamped before coming Back. Senior Members please advice... Thanks .
  4. phoenixbird

    RFE not received by mail for I129 petition(H1B)

    Arun , Is it premium processing? If yes then Lawyer should have got Fax / email in couple of days after status change to RFE and with in 10 working days hard copy in mail. same thing happened with me .. My lawyer got RFE in fax in couple of days but he did not tell details to me and my employer either for a month ... For your case ask lawyer to contact USCIS to get another copy of it ..mostly lawyer has 90 days to reply to RFE so don't worry
  5. phoenixbird

    RFE Details not received

    Thanks SameerH1Bworker, But my attorney not and employer keep saying they did not get anything yet ..this sounds strange to me ... Seniors please share your experience .. Is it really possible that my lawyer did not receive anything yet ...?
  6. phoenixbird

    RFE Details not received

    Friends , I filed H1 transfer under premium on 22nd April .. got receipt on 23rd and status changed to RFE on 29th ... My lawyer says that he still not received RFE details from USCIS ... how long it should take to reach Lawyer ... I even called USCIS helpline but they are saying they need either my lawyer or employer on call to provide details .. my employer still want to wait on USCIS ... Is there any way I can get details of RFE?
  7. phoenixbird

    H1B cancellation and transfer in same week.. URGENT

    Thanks metroguy
  8. phoenixbird

    H1B cancellation and transfer in same week.. URGENT

    Thank you Attorney_10
  9. Hello Team My last day of job is Today 5th April and my current employer will send H-1B cancellation notice to USCIS next week , also my new employer filing my transfer next week .. What is the possibility if USCIS receive cancellation notice before transfer notice? Will USCIS neglect 2-3 days gap between cancellation and transfer .. My last pay check will be on 10th April and I think my new employer will file transfer before that ..So am I safe ..will transfer get approved ?
  10. phoenixbird


    Thank you kathi , ottawa_rocks
  11. phoenixbird


    Thank you Kathi for details.. This information will help me for sure ... I have few questions here.. When you went to Tijuana what was your stamping (not visa) status? I mean you attended interview after your stamping expiry ? this might be reason you have to go back to India after 221G I am planing Visa interview before my current stamping expiry .. will this allow me to get back in USA form Mexico ? Cause I will be having valid visa to enter USA if something goes wrong. Any way I will have Mexico visa to be on safer side.. Thanks alot
  12. phoenixbird

    What after I129 approved.

    RohanG, Your I-129 approved means you will receive new I-797 automatically from USCIS ( USCIS will mail it to your employer) , You will come to know duration of approved H1-B only after seeing I-797. You can stay in USA till that end date without having H1-B stamped on your passport but can not travel outside USA... If you need to travel outside US you need to get Visa stamped on your passport to get back in US.
  13. Hello Friends I am planning my H1-B renewal at Tijuana Mexico and need some information / Advice. Do I need mexico tourist visa to enter in ? If yes which one? (I have my current H1-B stamped till 20th November 2012 and I-94 has same date as well) I am planning to get visa done before 20th October 2012... In case I did not get my Visa stamped in Mexico Can I still enter back in USA with existing stamped Visa which is valid till 20th November 2012. Appreciate your help.. Thanks