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  1. Please keep record of your travel and inform during interview.
  2. Application from 2016 is a concern. It is taking 8 to 12 months for processing. So you need to check if you can take info pass and get any more details. Regarding application in Aug 2017 is well within the time line they are posting. So I am not surprise. I am in a same situation. Applied on Aug 15 2017, Waiting for interview scheduling....
  3. leman

    N-400 Online application status

    Online status is not updated as we expect it to be. Many members has experienced this and expressed their frustration about status being not updated more often that what is done currently.
  4. leman

    Obtain a copy of N-400 application

    Did you obtain a blank application and filled with pen? Or you had a softcopy?
  5. KBJ, I were you, I would apply for both even if that means spending extra money. Not having valid green card may impose certain restriction such as travel. Driver's license renewal (certain states) or proving your legal status to collages. Better follow legal advise given by your immigration lawyer. I will play safe and pay the price for waiting too long to apply for citizenship.
  6. It seems there is a lag (gap) in updating online status. I read few messages that their status was changed after few weeks to few months. My experience for first status update took 2 weeks gap. On 10/10 status was updated with a message that On September 25, 2017, we started the interview scheduling process for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. I feel these experiences posted by various members are just suggestive and one can not generalize based on individual's experience.
  7. leman

    N400 Questions

    I mailed three applications in one envelop and sent to Dallas using USPS. It worked.
  8. When I submitted my application, I didn't mentioned about 3 speeding tickets I had received in past. Somehow I was under the impression that I don't need to. However after reading few posts, I am realizing that. My case is still in the status of "In Line to schedule interview". What can I or should I do now? Any help is very well appreciated.
  9. Sam201 - As per USCIS field office wait time for N400, they are processing applications as of March 10 2017. So you may be getting close to your interview schedule. Good Luck....
  10. Employment based. Application date Aug 18, 2017, Credit card charge Aug 22, Finger Print notice 9 sept, Finger Print, 21 Sept, Status change "In line for interview" 25 Sept.
  11. leman

    N400 I-Strange Interview

    How far your case has moved? Any progress? It will be helpful for others to learn from your case. So please keep us updated. Thank You and our best wishes and prayers for case.
  12. Does anyone has any experience / knowledge about how long Charlotte office is taking for scheduling interview?
  13. leman

    Travel outside US for 3 weeks

    It took less than one month in my case at Charlotte, NC. I sent my paper application to Dallas, TX
  14. leman

    Tax Returns

    Thank You