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  1. Thanks for the reply , but I heard that once petition is filed and you have tourist visa you wont be able to travel back to USA irrespective of whether you have the b1/b2 visa available with you. Secondly people are saying that it is beneficial to file the petition if you are in USA.
  2. Currently I am on visitor visa in US and on a visit to my sister who is a US citizen. My visa will expire next year in June and I am leaving US in another couple of weeks back to my country of birth India. I wish to seek green card sponsorship under the sibling category. My sister is eligible to sponsor me as she is US citizen and over 21 years of age. I am 47 year old male. Below are my questions: Am I eligible for the green card sponsorship? What are the initial documents required at my end for filing the application by my sister. What are the documents required at my sister's end for filing the petition. Should the petition for the green card be filed by my sister when I am in US or should it be filed while I am in India? Once petition is filed by my sister for the green card and the same is approved can i come back to US on visitor visa? As my visitor visa will be expiring in June 2012 is it advisable for me to visit once more to US before the filing of Green card petition and if it is alright then should the petition be filed here in US while i will again visit here during some time end of this year around early December 2011?