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  1. sharing123

    Ottawa accommodation

    Hi All, I just finished my interview and out here searching for room-share. Anybody interested please send me an email at ************* at yahoo dot com. Thnx
  2. All, I just got out from embassy and want to share accommodation. you can reach me at *******at yahoo dot com OR reply to the same thread . Thnx
  3. Hello, Please let me know if any body has interview on Monday the 18th March in Ottawa and had booked any hotels. I am looking to share the room. Call me on *********(skype) or drop an email u_dav@yahoo.com thnx Chirag
  4. Hello, Please let me know if you are willing to share your stay in Ottawa for 3-4 days starting from 10th March. send me an email u_dav@yahoo.com or call me on ********** thnx
  5. sharing123

    Ottawa: 221G's week: 19Nov to 22 Nov2012

    Congrats ! Now you can go India and have nice vacation :) So now I guess there is only me from 19th week of Nov.
  6. sharing123

    Working From India

    I also got 221g and its 1&1/2 month now. There was a post from someone before a month or so .. he attended in Ottawa,Canada and got 221g. His H1 was sent to USCIS or something like that, his client said they can't wait more than a month for that guy. So somehow he managed to get the new H1B premium process while in Canada filed by prime vendor and than he got the visa and he was in USA after 5 weeks.He was in Canada while all this H1B filing process were going on. So you should have no issue goin to vendor and leaving your old employer :) 1)I would say you definitely tell them that you are still working with same client, so that they also know that client really don't want to leave you. 2)I guess you will get client letter. Its almost a year and client is happy with your service so you should get the client letter. well .. worst case scenario something is better than nothing and hence you can take the email printouts, but again you need the client letter any how. All the best.
  7. sharing123

    Ottawa: 221G's week: 19Nov to 22 Nov2012

    All, Interview:20th Nov & got 221g Communication:None, no email to client manager, no email to me, i send an email to consulate but no reply. I am in India now and still waiting to hear at least something from Ottawa's US consulate. Submitted the std documents that asian officer is asking and was asked to wait for the email for further process. Who else is still waiting to hear and who are in Canada right now from that 19th week of Nov ? Thnx
  8. sharing123

    Hotels or Motels to stay in Ottawa.

    I know there were few staying in Days Inn ... well I was in Chimo Hotel .. first 3 days it was 80$, it was $90 afterwards as we did another booking, there is a mall-food court across the street ,, a bar-grill texas style next to Hotel, wi-fi in room is normal, if you don't get wi-fi in room you can use business centre on ground floor... Hope this helps ... all the best ...
  9. 20th Nov got 221g No emails, not to client manager, not to employer, not to me Waiting for some kind of email/communication
  10. In the email they normally ask whether you are in Canada or travelling ? If they asked you in the email .. then .. tell them you are in India and attache your itenarary. If they didn't asked in email .. i would say .. if possible call your airlines and change your schedule .. they may charge some more ... but I have heard that if they transfer ur file to India you may have to pay fees again and may have to face other visa officer. If they say you just need to pay fee again and get the drop your passport than it's okay... think twice for all the scenarios .. you know how it is to keep on waiting for stamping ... congrats ... bye now
  11. Well, they won't ask for old h1b original, I guess bcoz they didn't seem to be interested when I answered this is my h1b extension. Also you don't have the original and ur old employer won't provide you as he don't keep old employee's stuff. If I say u will need original what u gonna do ?
  12. All, I got 221g white on 20th and no email to client yet. Anyone with same situation wherein no emails are received so far from ****** officer ? I heard few guys got passport on last Friday who came with me on 20th and was also given 221g white, but they were lucky and ****** processed it fast. Any one still waiting for email from ****** to drop passport after getting 221g on 20th Ottawa ? thnx -C
  13. sharing123

    Same client and different employer

    Yes, there are chances you will be asked why you changed your employer. I would answer that I changed employer for better exposure. e.g. I am application admin .. So I would say at my previous employer I was focusing only on application administration but after joining this employer I am also involved in web server administration, supporting production env, working on other infrastructure components like message broker, data power, etc. say as your title may be and add something related to it. It doesn't matter whether you have same client or not. Your employer manager is assigning some tasks and that includes all this new responsibilities. Never say for better oppurtunity, visa officer don't like that phrase. You answer should always focus on interest of learning technologies and exploring it. All the best.
  14. sharing123

    DS 160 Form Question: Were you previously employed?

    I don't think he will ask. Don't mention in DS-160 for that volunteer work. If he asks, just say you were volunteering and this is the letter from manager. Mainly he will be concerned about ur H1B that started last October.
  15. Dude, She is all ready having issues.. Why are you asking questions to people who are already tangling with issues. I would suggest you ask to somebody who got the visa and is lucky. Understand it. thnx -C