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  1. junkylov

    H1B layoff- Very very UEGRNT PLEASE!!!!!

    1. No idea. I wish you get it 2. I am assuming you asking for "change of employer" and not new application for this years quota (bcoz that is over). You can start working as soon application is sent to USCIS. 3. a) Go back to home country b) Ask a consulting company to apply for "change of employer" and keep running your payroll with minimum wage. That way you will be legally allowed to stay in US and look for another project. Hope this helps. 3.
  2. junkylov

    H1 Expire and working from India

    How long have you been on h1? If it is less than 6 years and strictly a visa renewal, then yes your employer can run your payroll as long it likes
  3. junkylov

    H1B Transfer - Email Approval

    I know one can start working as soon lawyer/employer sent the petition for "change of employer" to USCIS i.e. with fedex/ups shipment receipt. hope this helps.
  4. junkylov

    Still in RFE response review since 20th Sep 2013 on my H1b case.

    with the govt shutdown, there is a big backlog.. and there will be delays in getting the result.
  5. junkylov

    H1B Transfer questions

    1. Yes 2. Not sure 3. Yes. USD 1000 PP fee + lawyer fee and you get results in 2 weeks 4. Yes, refer to 3 above 5. Yes. With the shutdown, there is a big backlog and therefore making pp will process it in 2 weeks (hopefully).
  6. I received H1b (3years) during my medical residency, which will expire on June 30, 2014. I want to know if I need to re-apply for H1 when I apply for job or it simply be change of employer as I already have H. Any inputs will be helpful! Regards
  7. Not sure how serious it is but everyone when go for job expect to file GC before 3 year period ends. Given my education, it probably will be NIW/EB1/EB2 (based on choices I make with employer such as joining Army which can provide GC in a shorter period of time). So, yes I have given a thought. You are right. I was using word "transfer" instead of "change of employer" creating the confusion. Options can be: 1. Go for "cap exempt employer" and it would be "change of employer" with a new petition filed by them. 2. Go for "non cap exempt employer", they'll file a new H1 petition as "new employer" Hope this helps someone here.
  8. Are you out of the job and going back to native country? If not, then there is no critically in taking care of your son since you'll be here on work visa. Hope this helps.
  9. I think I agree with what you both said. But my question is does the new petition mean "new h1b application" or "transfer of h1b". My spouse changed jobs four times in last six years but it was a simple transfer of h1 and not a new h1b application. By "new application" I mean, working against the quota of 65K every April and wait for lottery result. Hope this clarifies my question a bit better.
  10. junkylov

    Post Green Card (via EB1)

    I believe EB1 (b) category is for the international manager. Even a developer who is in supervising capacity can be treated as an international manager. The primary requirement is the person is question has worked in same company overseas before moving to US on H1 or L1 visa. Obviously L1 visa provides better chances of getting EB1. My coworker who was Sr. Associate (in big 4) was considered manager in this category and got GC in less than 6 months... So, it is definitely possible to get GC using this category. Look around, many of your friends are doing secondment in other countries for a year and then coming back to US. This is one easy way to get a GC... Hope this helps.
  11. edit in my above post: if you are post grad from US univ.. it is NOT cap exempt. In that case you'll have another 20K visa available. So, cap exempt is in possible in case employer has "not for profit" status.
  12. I think cap exempt is based on your employer's status (not for profit status) or your qualification (post grad from US university) than how many visa stamps you had on your passport.
  13. I think its short code for Minneapolis airport.
  14. junkylov

    EB2 - NIW

    My wife (India born) will be completing her residency in June 2014 and currently searching for to start from July. I want to see what options she has to start the GC process in NIW category. Is it employer based? Also, her father was born in Nepal and the family moved to India during 1940s. I understand there is a provision that a person can use her parent's (in her case father) birthplace domicile to apply for GC (in her case Nepal quota). Can someone confirm this provision and quote an article or section of law which I can actually refer to? Would she be better with the EB2-NIW category or EB2 with Nepal domicile (if thats possible)? Please let me know. Regards, Anuj