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  1. Received email from vfs saying my paassport is up for pick up at the consulate if not will be couriered. Hope my stamping issues are clear.
  2. Today on the hyd 221g status link , I see status as 'case processed'. What does this mean ? I submitted my passport on June 7th to the consulate. From then to now I saw the status as 'under admin processing'
  3. Did the Vo take your passport at the interview ? If not how much time did it take from when you submitted your passport to having the passport back with the visa stamp ?
  4. My interview was on Feb 15th 2012 in Hyderabad. 221g issued due to a legal case which was fully resolved. Didn't hear anything from the consulate until now. My company contacted congresswoman's office in San Jose to find out the status of the visa processing on 4/30/2012. My company received a response finally from the New Delhi consulate (these ppl handle congressional inquiries itseems). yesterday. Sent the same email to hyd consulate guys and only then they sent me an email asking me to submit passport which I did today. Hope things move quickly from here on. I'm not into consulting. A full time job in a US company in the bay area.
  5. My lawyers suggested not to attend another interview. There has been no response regarding this until now.been more than 10 weeks.
  6. It's been about 8 weeks now from my interview. I'm planning on going for a second interview. Is that a good idea ? When I called VFS they told me that I have to withdraw my current application before going for the 2nd interview. If I go for the 2nd interview, would all the processing that has been done for the last 8 weeks go in vain ? Confused here.. please comment
  7. It's a false criminal charge for which I was never arrested. The case has been totally settled more than 2 yrs back. I haven't mentioned it on DS-160 form since I was never arrested.
  8. I called the vfs number. They keep saying that it is under administrative processing. Is there any direct helpline number that I can call or email ? It's now into 8th week. Any idea how long the wait time for hold cases at hyd consulate ?
  9. Hi all, I have attended my h1b visa interview on Feb 21st 2012 in Hyderabad. The VO asked me about an year old legal case for which I have provided all the documents. He said he would need to verify the docs and get back to me 'very soon'. He did not give me any 221g letter or any receipt where I can track my case status. It's been more than 6 weeks now and still no response from the consulate. I have also sent further documentation relating to the same in between but of no use. Do all cases with pending visa result get a 221g ? Have any of you guys encountered visa pending with no 221g ? Please let me know. Can I attend another h1b visa interview while the current case is pending ? I'm a full time employee with a mid size american company with a Masters degree in US and 5+ years work exp with the same company. Thanks