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    H1B Approval at Ottawa Consulate

    --There is a parking lot at the end of the street they charge you 14$ for the whole day. --Check out weather.com. --I was just there for 2 days..I did not try any Indian food. --I used I90...check google maps please.. --No questions. They would just ask why Canada...and how long.
  2. vemuriv

    H1B Approval at Ottawa Consulate

    thanks! 2 days...not that I was aware of...
  3. vemuriv

    H1B Approval at Ottawa Consulate

    It depends...I had mine on Friday and picked it up at Brampton on Tuesday.
  4. vemuriv

    Passport pickup location after H1B stmping

    I had my stamping at Ottawa and picked my passport at Brampton...there should be no issues.
  5. vemuriv

    Passport pickup location after H1B stmping

    I got mine approved at Ottawa and I changed the pick-up to Brampton...I got an email today with the pick-up notification. It should not be a problem at all.
  6. vemuriv

    H1B Approval at Ottawa Consulate

    Mbuarapu: I am at Toronto now...sorry..
  7. Hello: I was at the Ottawa consulate today to get the H1B stamping done and it was a pretty smooth ride. Steps: 1) Get the Canadian Visa (Better if you have a multiple entry VISA) 2) Fill out the DS160 Form (You do not need to fill out the whole form, but atleast get to a point where you get the confirmation number so you can use that to schedule an appointment) 3) Schedule an Appointment with the Ottawa Consulate (You can change this as many times as you want-the deadline is 1 day before your scheduled date) 4) After making sure you got all the documents from your Employer/Client complete you DS160 atleast 2 days ahead of your Appointment date. 5) I drove to Ottawa from Massachusets my appointment was on Jan 10th at 9:30 am, we drove on Wednesday Jan 8th. 6) i stayed at The Business Inn which is like 1.6km away from the consulate. 7) I drove to the consulate to look a day before my scheduled appointment date which helped me to know the location where I could park my car. On the day of Appointment: 1) I parked my car two buildings away from the Consulate (the paid parking is 4$ for 30min and $14 per day. I chose the second option) 2) I was there in the consulate at around 8:50, waited in the line (I was the third person waiting in the line) The Ottawa consulate is open from 8AM, this consulate is small so you will be allowed inside the 1st wait lobby before the 1st security check) 3) Now, it is the time for a security check- you will be asked to put everything in the box with nothing in your pockets) 4) You will then asked to proceed to the Visa Appointment section before which you will checked for your passport, DS160 and your H1B 797 form. 5) You will be asked to see Counter 7 for checkin. 6) When my turn came in, I submitted my Passport along with DS160 and H1B. You will be given a token number. 7) You will be then called in to counter 5 where in your finger prints will be taken and your documents will be returned to you in a Yellow folder asking you to wait for your number to be called. There are two windows open taking the interview, I was called on to the first window, these were the questions asked: 1) How long have you been in US? 2) Which city did you do your masters? 3) Which School? 4) What is your Major? 5) What do you do for your company? Even before I finished my answer, he confirmed that I have convinced him enough and gave me the Passport Loomis Pick up info. The interview was clean, it is just that we have to be honest. The Officer was very friendly and the people here in Ottawa are extremely friendly. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. All the very best to all the guys who wish to be here.