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  1. Om So is it a new rule ..Am I good ?
  2. Hi, My spouse and daughter came to US and when I saw her passport there was no I 94 card attached to it. She says it was not given to her to fill out on flight and also immigration officer didn't ask for it. How can this possible. What should I do in this case.
  3. Hi, I recieved RFE on my 7th year extension for right of control.( 7 th year is filed on base of MTR of I-140) My H1b case is in premium and its been 12 days havent got reply from USCIS .My employer says there will be now chances of denial.Is it true.If thats the case do i have to leave the country immediately.
  4. civilu

    H1B Extension legal

    Hi, My last visa with company was expired on 2/25/13 , before that in January we applied for extension.But it has RFE on it and waiting for an answer.What is my status i mean can iwork in this period until its approved ? Will my end client accept it in case of they ask for my status papers.Since all I have is 797-C ( reciept of application)
  5. civilu

    Question on I-140 --case status

    I had the same msg popped uptwo days ago..I got denial fom USCIS..Probably they have made dcision ..Check with your lawyer right away..
  6. civilu

    I140 denied

    Hello I applied I 140 in premium processing.Just came to know from my employer that it is denied on basis of prjected salary and paystub issue.Apparently officer counted my shown salry and compared them with which i have been paid on this date..He did nt see that i joined the company in march and not in beginning of year..Ok my labor got approved 5 months ago and i am completing my 6 yrs in 3 months..Is there a chance i will get new extension on h1b..
  7. Coolguy First of all you have not mentioned ur history abt previous stamping and employment in US or your stay in US in past..As far as the rules concerned IDK . Offer letter and someone on the desk from your employer who can reply promptly when u are stuck at airport is must if you gonna try to come here.This is just from from friends' experience ok ?
  8. civilu

    Need a urgent help regarding H1b experience

    Angel You must be having a W2 if u have worked in US legally for 2.5 years.Thats enough in wake of paystubs.
  9. My Employer A cancelled my visa and gave me a lay off ( They informed me on 7th Jan 2012 stating my visa is cancelled from 31 st dec 2011, a week after !! ) It took me a month to find a new employer and he filed for extension on Feb 10 2012 . The RFE is like this : " You must submitt the evidence that establishes has been gainfully employed by the petitioner from which he gained his last H1B status untill Feb 2012. Also they are asking for pay statements from Dec 2011 to Feb 2012. Any suggestions ?
  10. civilu

    H4 Petition

    I have approved 797 for my wife with my previous employer untill 2013 feb. I am changing my employer and transfering my H1 . Do i have to apply again for my wife for H4 ?
  11. Hello i got layoff fom my last company as of 31st Jan 2011 and they on phone told me they will give me one month to me to find another company. Last week i called them just to check that they have not sent yet. But surprisingly they said they have already informed USCIS. Now my new employer says lets go for transfer and says for new H1B there is no cap available.My confusion is what is the diff in transfer or new H1B. And what i should do.
  12. civilu

    Labor Filing

    Can anybody tell me how soon a company can Start my PERM process after i start with them.
  13. civilu

    H1B Minimum Wage

    Hello, I am currently on H1B and my company has not paid according to my LCA at the end of year. To which specific division I should file a complaint in DOL.Does anybody have an idea.Pl Help.
  14. civilu

    H1B Extension

    I m on H1B since last 5 years almost and have lest 13 months left in whole period.My previous employer did not file for my GC yet.I am switching to other company next month and they are ready to do it.What are my chances of getting further extension on H1B .Also would like to know how soon a newly joined company can file for my PERM process.
  15. civilu

    H1 end

    How son a newly joined company can file your labor or perm process.I am left with 13 months of h1b period and i am just going to transfer my h1b with this company.What are my chances of getting extension.Please reply