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  1. Hello all, I am on my 5th yr on my H1b, my i I-797 valid till Oct 2018. I am planning to go to matamoros for h1b visa renewal in this November. what are my chances getting renewal. I just got I-140 approved. your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. it takes about more than 60 days to become law. this is only for h4 people their spouses' green card applications are being considered, not for all H4. and also which are given to workers in fields such as science, technology and engineering, to have jobs in the United States .
  3. may 12th appointment at Jamaica is available now
  4. ksr105

    Jamaica Stamping On May 14Th

    hi, i have my interview on may 14th in Jamaica. i have my hotel booked, id you want to share accommodation email me at the ID above ****@rediffmail.com
  5. hi Vishal i have mine on may 14th, i reserved hotel may 13-17th. if you want to share, please email me we can discuss email id is use the id (ksr105) what you see at this posting *****@rediffmail.com.
  6. Hi, I am planing to go to Kingston, Jamaica om may 13th. Please let me know if any body are going around the same time and wants to share accommodation may 13 to 17. i have reserved the accommodation.
  7. hey rev552, e-mail me on my murthy forum id which is *************@rediffmail.com, then we can plan.
  8. or email to my userid@rediffmail.com
  9. hew is my mail id *************@gmail.com or look in to my profile. give me yours
  10. check for the available dates like early in the mornings. i checked sunday early moring i saw bunch of dates are opend may 14-30th. and they disapper quickly.
  11. Hi, I am planing to go to Kingston, Jamaica om may 13th. Please let me know if any body are going around the same time and wants to share accommodation may 13 to 17.
  12. ksr105

    Successful visa stamping in jamaica @ april 22

    i was wondering no visa required to go to jamaica? Indian citizens (comonwelth country) do not require jamaican visa? is that true
  13. Thank you for the reply, let me give some more information. first i entered into USA on F1 visa(stamped at INDIA), then, i got approved H1b petition, went Matamoros for H1b stamping, entered USA on H1b visa. after a year went back on F1 status, this time i had my valid my F1visa still. so i just cross the USA-Canada border then entered in to USA on F1 visa. completed my degree, graduated then got OPT, worked on OPT my employer sponsored H1b, i have been working since 1and half yr on H1b status. Now for the H1b stamping, may i go to Matamoros, or Canada or should i go to INDIA (home country) Advise please Thank you
  14. How about matamoros, mexico., in my case, i came to USA on F1, changed to H1 stamped at matamoros, then after a year back on F1 status, completed degree got OPT (worked) then H1 got apporved from current employer., may i to go matamoros for H1b stamping or India(home country) Thanks in advance
  15. I have a question here, now you are attending H1b stamping at canada. from my knowledge change of status, or first time H1b stampings must be at home country, i.e., i gusess you should go to india for stamping.