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  1. My in-laws were in B2 visa and stayed in US for 5.5 months. Last month they left to India. Now we are in a situation where my in-laws have to come back to US. So with-in a month we wanted them back to USA on Visitor Visa. They have valid Visa and passport. Will there be any questions during the Port of Enty?
  2. Hi , I am on H-1B and having 140 approval. Waiting for my priority date (mine is 11/2011). I have been waiting for the Green card and buy a Home. But due to so much delay and current situation in immigration process I don't think I would get GC so soon. Is it safe to buy a home being an non-immigrant considering my situation mention in above?
  3. ggn979

    Duration for H1 to H4 and H4 to H4 EAD

    Thanks JoeF. You gave me a clear view what we have to do.
  4. Hi, My wife is on H1B - 5th year. We got to know that her employer won't sponsor for her GC. She has 1.5 years remaining on her H1-B. I have I-140 approved. She wants to continue with her current employer on H4-EAD. So Planning to change her status from H1-B to H4 then H4 to H4-EAD. 1. What is the duration to get her H1-B to H4 and H4 to H4-EAD? 2. When is the best time to start her above processes without having a break from her current employer? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am on H-1B and have I-140 approval. My Client offering a full time position. I am little nervous to accept the new offer. 1. Because I am not sure that Revocation of I-140 approval by current employer is possible or not? I know there is proposal for that. But not sure it is implemented yet. Is this implemented? 2. What are things I should have to consider when I change my employer. Because this is my first employer in US I am changing after working for 7 years. Thanks
  6. Hi, My wife is having H1B and has 3 years remaining. I am on H1B having I-140 approval. So my wife is eligible to work on H4-EAD. We get to know that her current employer may do layoff. So she wanted to move to H4-EAD to get the new job ASAP since new employer does need to do sponsorship. Question is If she moves to H4-EAD, can she still use remaining H1B period later, in case my H1B have some issue in future? Thanks
  7. May I know how long this rule's been there? Do you have any official link? For $717... Its jus for one way :).
  8. Hi, I am an Indian Citizen. I am on H1-B for the past 7+ years in USA. One Year before my visa was expired and having valid I-797 approval for the next 2 years. November 2014 I booked a ticket from US (EWR) to India(Chennai) via Heathrow, England. My Layover time was 3 hours in Heathrow. I booked the ticket in British Airways. Before check-in my baggage British Airways employee verified by US visa. As my US visa was expired 1 year before she doesn't allow me to check-in my baggage. She was mentioning the following rule. 1. Since my visa was expired a year ago I have to get a Transfer Visa from UK consulate(It takes 2-5 days). 2. They would allow me to fly, If my visa was expired within last 6 months. 3. She mention that this rule is there for long time. 4. I mentioned about I-797 approval. She didn't bother. I spoke to my friends they are all surprised with this rule and not aware of that . But I spoke to my employer , they also not aware and saying they would come to know if there is such a thing. I contacted British Airways Customer Support. They asked us to approach UK Consulate. They are not allowed to discuss about Visa matter. Finally I end up in loosing $717 :( . Questons: 1. Is this rule existing? or Are they misguided me?. 2. Anyone had these kind of experience.? 2. If so,Do you have the details of this rule in UK consulate website.? Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hello, Year 2013 , my in-laws came to US in Visitor Visa. I have sponsored for their whole visit. They stayed for 5.5 months. Can I apply for Tax benefit as they are dependents for me?