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  1. Priority date is 31st July 2009. Originally applied in EB3 and I-140 was approved. Applied EB2 with same employer and ported my date (I-140 approved). With the latest October 2018 bulletin, "Dates for filing applications" for EB3 dates moved ahead of EB2 to "01 October 2009". Can I use my EB3 to file application?
  2. Hello, My H1B VISA expired on 4th March 2015. I wanted to change my status from H1 - H4, but forgot to do so due to pregnancy complications. Now I am out of status. I submitted my change of status application (H1 - H4) along with my husband's H1B renewal on 10th May using priority processing. My husband's H1B approved with start date as 10/2/2015 until 10/1/2018. FYI... he currently have active H1B status that expires on 10/1/2015. USCIS forgiven me and approved my change of status also, but with start date as 10/2/2015(same dates as my husband). I was hoping to have start date as 11th May ( change of status application submission date) as my husband currently has active H1B (10/1/2012 - 10/1/2015) and a new H1b is valid from (10/2/2015 - 10/1/2018) Now that my status change start date is 10/2/2015, Do I need to leave country?? What is my current status. I don't want to break 180 day rule. I do understand that I can't enter US for 3 years if I stay for more than 180 days while I am out of status. My 180 day period ends on 30th August 2015. Old I-94 expired on 14th March 2015. We received a new I94 in the latest change of status approval, it has it as "Valid from 10/2/2015 UNTIL 10/1/2018". I am confused as the start on I94 is a future date. What are my next steps? Please advise
  3. My H1B expired on 4th March. I was pregnant and forgot to remind my employer about H1B renewal due to pregnancy complications. Gave birth to bay on 5th April(C-Section). What are the options for me to renew H1B or change status to H1 while I am in US. I am out of status for 45 days, I understand that I can't say more than 180 days with no status. 1. Is it possible to renew my H1B by using my pregnancy compilations as excuse 2. Is it possible to file change of status to H4 while I am here. I am trying to avoid going out of US to get H4 status.