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  1. seekinginformation

    reclassify the position

    What if the new position is created and I am hired for that position and the new job duties are 50% different from the current job duties.
  2. seekinginformation

    reclassify the position

    The new position has more than 50% new job duties. The duties has evolved. The employer wants to promote me but by reclassifying the position.
  3. I have been working for my employer for the last 4 years. My current position is Information systems specialist and the requirements for the job position is a Bachelors requirement. My 6 years of H1B expires in Dec 2013. I have gained experience and grown a lot and am doing different job duties now. My employer would like my position to be reclassified. The reclassified position will be with new job duties and with the requirements of a masters degree with 2 years of experience. Can my employer reclassify my position and apply for my GC on this new position. What are the risks involved? Also if the employer reclassifies my position and applies for the GC and if it is rejected at any stage , will I be laid off immediately even if I still am under my 6 years of H1B? Please advice.