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  1. agupta001

    PD current - now what?

    Just received my GC. I want to thank everyone here for their help throughout the last several years.
  2. agupta001

    PD current - now what?

    I will like to add that my I-485 is pending so will USCIS send an approval notice next?
  3. After a long wait, my PD is current as in the May 2020 VB. I was wondering what to expect now. Just wait for the card in the mail or are there additional steps (such as interviews) that I should be looking to take? Thank you!
  4. agupta001

    Supp J RFE on NIW EB2,

    I just wanted to update. My employer decided to fill out the I485 supp j. So, I ended up writing a cover letter stating supp j is attached, as well as describing the discrepancy that was discussed with the officer over the phone since a case # was assigned. We shall see what they will do.
  5. agupta001

    Supp J RFE on NIW EB2,

    Thanks - I will do that. I wonder whether I should partially fill out the supp J and submit. I worry that if I don't fill it out, the office may outright reject the application. Although an incomplete form will not be useful but at least they will have the form. Very confused. If the application is rejected based on the response to RFE, will I have a chance to appeal?
  6. agupta001

    Supp J RFE on NIW EB2,

    Hi, my I485 is pending, on an I140 approved EB2 NIW. I received RFE on the I485, requesting to resubmit medical and submit I485 supplement J. Supplement J clearly says individuals with NIW do not need to submit the form. I spoke to USCIS customer service, who understood the discrepancy and filed an inquiry with the original service center. The problem is that the inquiry will take about 3 weeks. And I have to respond to the RFE in 1 week. I cannot wait for them to respond to the inquiry and will have to respond to the RFE. I am looking for advice on how to address the supp J question. Should I fill out the first portion of the form or not include it at all? And what else could I say so that my application is not denied. I will appreciate any help/advice. Thanks, AG
  7. Hi, The stamp on my AP is different from the AP expiration date. The AP document says "Each parole period shall not exceed one year from the date of parole at the port of entry". Does it mean that the AP is valid 1 yr from the stamped date? Thanks, John
  8. Thanks for clarifying. Can you pls tell how many "AP documents" will I need. I have two originals. Does the airline take one? I am assuming the airlines know about AP b/c generally they will look for a visa stamp or green card etc.
  9. Hi, My understanding was that on return to the US, the airlines will take one AP document, the port of entry officer will take another one, and she will give me back one after stamping it. My first EAD card said that it could serve as I-512 as well. After filing for extension, the new EAD card I have received says "not valid for reentry" and they sent me two AP documents. Is this what everyone has? Can someone go over documents that the airlines take and what happens at the port of entry on AP travel? I will appreciate it. Thanks, Ashu
  10. agupta001

    how to start using EAD?

    Hi, I am on 7th yr H1B. My NIW/EB2 priority date May 2008 was current in Feb 2012 visa bulletin. I filed I485/I765/I131, done FP and have received EAD/AP. I don't think I will get the green card before the dates retrogress next month. I am interested in applying for a federal fellowship which requires permanent residency. Do you think the EAD makes me eligible? If it does, what do I have to do to get off the H1b and get on the EAD? Best, Ashish
  11. Thank you. I agree, I should answer yes to that question. How should I address "If yes, give date and place of filing and final disposition". Will something like the following be okay? "I140/I485 filed concurrently 07/01/2007 in CA, I140 denied on xyz date."
  12. Hi, In 2007, I had concurrently filed I140 (NIW/EB2) and I485. My I140 petition was denied. I reapplied, and I140 (NIW/EB2) was approved. I am now current and will file form I485. How should I approach this question on I485 - "Have you ever applied for permanent resident status before? If yes, give date and place of filing and final disposition." I think I should say no because the I485 was never in the game since the I140 was rejected, but I am not sure. Can someone here offer their input? Thanks!