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  1. pd0511

    H1/H4/H4 EAD Approved - No 797A

    Thank you. I will call them tomorrow.
  2. Hello My employer's attorney applied my H1 extension along with H4/H4 EAD extension on March 11th. They are applied in premium processing. H1 approval email to my employer - In 4 days on March 15 Received receipt notices for H4 and EAD to my home on March 21. H4 EAD card was produced and delivered to my home along with I-797C approval notices for H4 and H4 EAD by March 31. But I did not receive I-797A for H4 which will have I-94. I-797C for H4 has approved from and to dates but I am not sure if that is accepted. On the other side, only H4 EAD receipt number shows approved/card mailed status when I check online. H1 and H4 receipt numbers still show "Received by USCIS" status even today. I have my driving license expiring soon. Please suggest what I can do as they will ask for I-94. Thank you
  3. pd0511

    H1B - Visa stamped - Travel to Peru

    Looks like as per emirates, Peru visa is needed. huh..
  4. Hello I am and Indian national on H1B. Me and my family have valid US visa stamped on our passports valid till March 2019. We are thinking to visit Peru for 10 days for tourism. I saw articles stating that there is no need for Peru tourist visa if we have valid US visa stamped on passport. http://www.indembassy.org.pe/english/media/2017-14-exemp.html https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294316-i819-k10425366-Peru_Visa_Indian_citizen_living_in_USA-Lima_Lima_Region.html Can this be considered official? Thank you.
  5. pd0511

    B2 Visa - Interview Waiver?

    On Feb 5th, my parents gave fingerprints and gave the staff all the documents. Waiting for now. They did not mention about any interview.
  6. pd0511

    B2 Visa - Interview Waiver?

    I have been hearing news that as per new executive order interview waiver program has been removed. Will this affect my parents appointment? Any suggestions?
  7. pd0511

    B2 Visa - Interview Waiver?

    They have appt on Feb 5th. I will update this post after that. This is the list of documents they are taking. Parents: Original Passports, Passport ID and Visa page copies, Affidavit showing properties in India and pledging to come back to India, DS-160 confirmations, Interview Appointment Letter, Visa fee receipt From me: My passport ID/US visa/I-797/I-94 copies, paystubs, employment verification letter, W2s, Tax return forms, Cover Letter, I-134
  8. pd0511

    B2 Visa - Interview Waiver?

    Thank you..
  9. Hello My parents have B2 visa and its expiring this month. I applied for extension from US Consulate in Hyderabad, India. When I was booking appt, system asked some questions and mentioned they were eligible for "Interview Waiver". And we took an appointment with OFC location in Hyd for a Sunday. They were not 10 printed before. So, I am assuming this is for fingerprints and photo. My questions: After fingerprints and photo, should they give the passports and all the supporting documents (sent by me too) to the same staff? I did not see any dropbox thing in their appointment email. So, want to confirm this. Also, how many days would the processing be in general? Please suggest. Thanks.
  10. pd0511

    B2 Visa - Rejected or Not?

    Hello My parents went to consulate for B2 visa back in 2007. As translator was not requested during application process, there was no translator. As my parents don't understand english, they were sent back. Then we took another appt with translator and then visa got approved. Now that visa is expired. I am applying for them again and filling DS-160 forms. There is a question asking if US visa was rejected anytime in the past? Should I say YES or NO? Please suggest. Thanks
  11. Hyderabad dropbox eligibity requirement said last visa must have been issued after January 1, 2008. But my parents got their visa in 2006. This was my doubt about their eligibility. Thanks..
  12. Hello This is the situation. My parents for their first B2 visa in December 2006 from Chennai consulate in India.. So, it's expiring in December 2016. If we want to renew it, are they eligible for dropbox submission in Hyderabad ? Please suggest. Thank you
  13. thank u. for bahamas, i will take their tourist visa. for mexico, i think i am good with valid US visa.
  14. pd0511

    MATAMOROS - STAMPING info required

    Go to mexican consulate in your city. Its easy, they give you the same day or next day in most cases. You may need to take appt thought. This differs with consulate in every city.
  15. Hello Both myself and my wife (Indian citizens) have H1/H4 US visa stamped and valid till June 2019. We want to go on a 3-5 night cruise to Mexico or Bahamas from any port in the US. I came to know that with valid US visa, there is no need for Mexico tourist visa. Is this true in case of cruise too? Can we take Mexico cruise without taking Mexico tourist visa? What is the situation when it comes to Bahamas cruise? Should we take Bahamas tourist visa? If yes, please guide on any necessary steps and timelines. Please check this link. https://bahamas.visahq.com/requirements/India/resident-United_States/ Thank you.