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  1. @Gita - sorry to hear abt ur situation.. Unfortunately when a case is returned to USCIS, it takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to get reaffirmed. I have been through this mess and it took me a yr to return back to the US (9 months for reaffirmation followed by reinterview). Fortunately my client was cooperative enough and I was able to work remotely all along. If that option works for you, then you may have to wait it out .. Else look for another employer and try a transfer .. I have seen quite a few ppl who have done that and were able to return sooner...
  2. sg1010

    H1B Reaffirmed - Mumbai REINTERVIEW

    @vivek - must be client verification.. You are almost there! I went thru a client verification before they finally issued me my visa. Do you know if they contacted your client?
  3. @dontworrybehappy - thanks! :) Good that you managed to get a project. Looks like you are almost there now! Good luck...Just a matter of few more days!!
  4. @Dontworrybehappy - Yes, I finally got my visa!!! :-) They had contacted my client on the same day of my interview and got a positive response from them. Few days later, they asked me to submit my passport and then I received it with the stamp!! what a huge relief!! Client verification seems common these days. So, I would say be careful about your client letter. It could severely backfire if a verification is done and your client says they don't have a position ready for you. Don't give the consulate a chance to reject you on grounds of misrepresentation of facts. Try to get a project if you can. What is your employer saying?
  5. sg1010

    221g hyderabad July tracker

    Congrats!!!Did they do any sort of client verification? Was ur employer/client contacted?
  6. @userone - Thanks for your reply and wishes. My employer is genuine and has had no issue with USCIS/DOS. I have been paid the same salary all along. I guess I just need to wait till the verification is done completely. (sigh!!) :-(
  7. Hi, I went for my H1B re-interview yesterday at HYD consulate. My first interview was in Sept,2011, then my case was sent back to USCIS and re-affirmed in June, 2012. I triple checked that I had all necessary docs for the interview (I'm in EC model) - latest Client letter, I-797s, employer verification letter, I-129, W2s, paystubs etc The VO just asked me for a client letter dated in 2012. I had one recently from my client (on the client company's letterhead with my client manager's signature and contact information) cos I have been working remotely since last year. He told me that they need to do a client verification to ensure that my end client still has a position for me and that ..."the client letter is authentic". I was shocked!!! Everything he wanted was right there on the client letter. But, he said there is lot of fraud going these days with re-affirmed cases and they need to do a verification to ensure that is not happening. I understand his point but my patience has been tested beyond limits over here despite doing all the right things and having all genuine documents. So, question is how long can this verification take? Anyone who knows or have been through a similar experience?
  8. sg1010

    LCA expiration date??

    @Diorsdune - Thanks! That makes sense! My LCA 'valid to' date is in the future. Does it have to match the petition end date?
  9. sg1010

    Successful h1 3 year ext stamping

    Sweet! I wish all interviews were like that!
  10. sg1010

    LCA expiration date??

    Hello everyone, My petition got re-affirmed after being sent to USCIS and the consulate has now called me for a re-interview. I was compiling my documents and noticed that the "expiration date" on the left top corner of my LCA states '01/31/212'. My H1-B petition is however valid till Jan-2014. Do I need to get another LCA filed? What does that expiration date mean?
  11. I was interviewed in September 2011 and got reaffirmed in June 2012. Did ur employer recieve a NOIR or any communication from USCIS?
  12. H1 transfer is still possible..
  13. sg1010

    Reaffirmed, Can I attend in Different Consulate??

    Not yet. The attorney is waiting to hear back from them.
  14. sg1010

    Reaffirmed, Can I attend in Different Consulate??

    5.5 months?! I'm in a similar boat.. My petition got reaffirmed a month ago and same replies from Vfs and consulate - PIMS not updated.. My employer's attorney is following up with the consulate though..let's see how that goes! Did your employer/ attorney do some sort of follow up? Can PIMS update be expedited at all?
  15. sg1010

    Reaffirmed but not showing up in PIMS

    Attorney's already reaching out to the consulate. Not sure how that's gonna help but I'll find out I guess. I wish the systems across different depts (USCIS, DOS, KCC and whoever else) were more integrated. It would have made everyone's life easier. But apparently that's not what they want!