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  1. Hi, I lost my full time job on Oct 25th 2018. I got a job and new employer is initiating the H1 transfer. Do I need to ask/take any termination letter from old employer? Is it needed or would it cause unnecessary confusion to uscis? New employer did not ask for it but I am not sure if that acts as 60 days grace period proof ? Is it good to add termination/separation letter after lay off in the new H1 transfer application?
  2. Hi, I have applied H4 extension (current H4 expires on Dec 10th 2018) based on my spouse existing H1 which was till Jan 2021. The H4 application is still in process and my spouse is now changing the employer. Should I submit new H4 extension along with spouse H1 transfer or is it not needed ?
  3. NP2020

    New H4 while other H4 is in process

    Is that optional or mandatory?
  4. I finally received the tracking number via email on 10th day (today Sep 20th 2018)
  5. Hi, My current status is H4 EAD and I applied only for H4 extension this time (without EAD application). USCIS Lock box received my application on Sep 11th 2018 (via USPS) and it has been more than a week they received. I attached G-1145 for electronic notification. I neither received email or mail so far from USCIS. I am waiting for the receipt number. Last time, I got my receipt number via email on the 2nd day after they received application. Is this usual to take more than 7 days?
  6. Hi, My h1b petition got approved on April 1st 2018. I received a copy of it from my employer on April 10th 2018. However, the uscis website to track the H1 status is still showing application received status. Is that ok to ignore because I got the I797 in hand. Or should I get this corrected by contacting Uscis ? Thanks, Naidu
  7. I believe your 60days grace period starts from Sep 22nd, that is after your official last day with the company.
  8. You should talk to attorney asap to avoid bad situations.
  9. NP2020

    H1B Extension and H1B transfer

    Scenario 1: 11. Yes 22. It depends on new approval. If new/latest approval comes with I94, you can continue. If attached I94 does not come then you have to travel out of country and come back 33. Approval has nothing to do with I94. Once approved is approved unless rejected during visa stamping Scenario 2: 34. No 45. Same as 2 66. I Don’t know Scenario 3: 77. I think you meant joining B in scenario 3. You may raise MTR with any employer. If not, you will have to leave the country 88. Scenario 4 seems to wrong again. By what wrote at the top, Transfer is for comp B and extension is for comp A. Ideally case is all approved and you will have choice to choose whatever you want.
  10. NP2020

    H1 Transfer- Approved I797 Docs

    For transfers, you need to give your current employer I797. In your case, it should be Comp A
  11. NP2020

    H4 EAD after 60 days H1B Grace period

    You can start working upon USCIS receiving your application, technically 100% allowed. However, it would be generally more safe to at least get receipt and then start working
  12. NP2020

    H1b Engineering Manager

    Two things to note here in my opinion: 1. Filing GC on a manager role in EB1 is quite possible given that necessary documentation is provided. 2. One of my friend working in a reputed product company got his H1 extension denied stating the reason that manager is not qualified as specialty occupation. So make sure that manager role or job duties are still tied to technical stuff and should not appear like people manager
  13. NP2020

    H1B grace period

    If you apply for change of status from H1 to F1, then you lose your H1 after your application is approved. If you already did use F1 previously then your chances for F1 rejection are high
  14. NP2020

    H1B grace period

    I believe once USCIS receive your application on or before 60 days after being laid off, you are safe to continue in legal status. I am not sure about your other question on interviewing with other companies.
  15. You dont need visa stamping because you changed employers. You just need to provide latest I797 approval copy at the port of entry.
  16. NP2020

    60 Days Grace Period Clock

    If you join Employer B and work for at least one paycheck then you get 60 days again I believe. But if you get laid off even before joining employer B, then for sure you have only 15 days to find new job. Remember that, within 60days, you should not only find job but your new employer should file H1B with your 60days from previous lay off.
  17. It took about 3 months for my H4 EAD application. Applied last year Aug 31 and approved Nov 29th
  18. what is your university name?
  19. yes, if you file together, most likely everything will be approved at same time
  20. If you are lucky, you may get approval without any of those. If you get a query to prove employee-employer relation, then it would be tough situation to convince.
  21. NP2020

    Job Promotion after I-140 approval

    your approved I140 should give you 3 year H1B extensions irrespective of your job role on I140.
  22. NP2020

    H1B transfer Approved without I-94

    For one of my friend in similar case, he had to leave the country and go to visa stamping with approved I797 to get new I94 on re-entry. Check with your immigration attorney.
  23. Last time I entered US Port of entry was in Mar 2016 and got my I94 till Dec 2018. The same is reflected on the I94 online website. I recently transferred to a new company in Jan 2018. My h1b approved till Dec 2020 and I got an attached I94 with same dates. However, I94 details was not updated on the online website and still shows as Dec 2018. I waited almost 5months to see update. Is it normal ?
  24. It seems CBP online I94 is only to track entry/exit. USCIS can always issue new I94 which wont reflect online CBP website. Ref: https://www.murthy.com/2015/05/13/online-i-94-information-useful-but-only-for-entry-exit-information/
  25. You might get RFE to prove that it is not fraudulent. Sometimes individuals pay themselves for filing extra H1 application and now such cases are scrutinized. If everything is genuine, then dont worry.