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  1. livingwater

    H1B denied under section 214b after 16 months

    thanks though,but i dont agree with the logic of you stating about employer's credentials. Classic example is that another employee from my company got the visa without any question on the second day of my interview while i was not issued visa saying that employer is not following laws. This is all **** . That is what i have learnt. It depends on consul officers mood as to give visa or not. My employer hired an attorney to provide all financial and other relevant documents to explain the situation. So you can understand why they issue VISA to other employee and not to me
  2. livingwater

    H1B denied under section 214b after 16 months

    That is not the solution. I already got new H1B sponsor with direct employer . I appeared for visa in Spetmeber and that was also put under admin processing.
  3. livingwater

    H1B visa in Kolkata

    It is most likely that you will get 221g.
  4. Hello Experts and Murthy attorneys, I was handed out 221g blue slip during my h1b visa renewal at Mumbai consulate last year in Jan 2011. My petition was sent back to USCIS for revocation. In August 2011 I was asked to submit my passport with 221g. Consulate kept my original 221g and did not return it for copy of my records. Passport was received without stamp. I asked for an explanation for the same from NIV . They stated that it was required to verify the information. Q1. Why did they retain original 221g and not send it back to me? On April 30,2012 I received an email from NIV unit stating that my visa was refused under section 214b . I thought they may have sent it back to me by mistake. As per law and DOS guideline 214 b can not be invoked for visa refusal for H and L category as both are dual intent. Since then I was sending emails to consulate for the explanation ,I also emailed to VFS but they are not responding. Q2. How can consul officer deny H visa under section 214b ? It is against the law, Q3. Why dont they give me an explanation for the same? DOS visa office is providing me misleading information every time i call them. Q4. What should be done in this situation now? Thanks in advance
  5. livingwater

    Case not sent to USCIS

    I beg to differ Arjun, It does not matter if you have your I 797 or not. If they indicate that it has been sent back they will send it back . It may take upto 4 months to actually send petition back to USCIS. This is the way they abuse the system ,Consul officers intentionally delays the processing, My I797 is with me and my case was sent back to USCIS
  6. livingwater

    2nd attempt for H1b Visa

    This is never ending game. VIsa officers are indirectly making lives of people miserable
  7. Great Post. We can track people here who are waiting for reinterview after reaffirmation.
  8. livingwater

    H1b Visa Stamping - Kolkatta 221(g)

    Cant predict anything man. Wait and watch and dont follow up , I have done that with Kolkata consulate and they are taking revenge for that.
  9. livingwater

    stamping in quebec city?

    Hi 221gKolkataVictimN, Did you get clearance from Kolkata consulate? I am waiting for past 2 months. They are going to return my petition to KCC but they have not done it so far. Attorney and Congressman have contacted them on my behalf and provided proof of evidence but they have not done anything and still holding the petition with the,
  10. Hello Friends, Many of us are waiting for quite a long time in India for 221g clearance. As there is no specific time frame for turnaround,We want to present this to media or US consulates public affairs officer. We all know that as an individual this process takes serious toll on anyone financially,mentally and healthwise. Many of us have tried getting sponsorship through different employers and got 221g again for no reason. Some people have submitted all the papers but their cases are pending for long, There are many other reasons. Together as a group we need to come together and present this to media . Please dont attack us. If you understand our pain and worries ,please support us, Individuals who are victims of 221g ,please let us know if you want to join us for good cause. Thanks much.
  11. livingwater

    H1-B Denied in Hyderabad

    @JoeF Looks like this your full time job. Do you work anywhere? or just browse through all forums to throw your BS insight on each and every topic. Your words dont impress anyone. Tough luck with your life on the earth
  12. livingwater

    H1-B Denied in Hyderabad

    @northest.bobby. Dont gossip here. Why should i withdraw my petition in first place without submitting any documents? On what basis should i withdraw my petition? Why would my employer's attorney contact consulate if employer is not genuine?
  13. livingwater

    H1-B Denied in Hyderabad

    @ JoeF , They see it then let them see. I am not doing anything suspicious. I dont have FAM with me and I dont need to learn laws to withdraw my previous petition .Its DOS job to advise me if i am not aware. I think its like i have to learn more about H1B visa then actual job or technology i am working on. You should learn to put yourself in others shoes. You argue with everyone and prove that DOS is doing right thing. Do you have guts to write to DOS reg the same ?
  14. livingwater

    H1-B Denied in Hyderabad

    @JoeF , That was the first petition . When i went for second time after 7 months I was not interviewed by same VO. So he never bothered about my first petition and did not ask me to withdraw previous petition. I hope that is clear
  15. livingwater

    H1-B Denied in Hyderabad

    @JoeF, I was not asked to withdraw my petition first of all . If i were i would have done that. There is no reason for suspicion. Previous H1is gone. Let USCIS decide on that. You assume many things about others. Try to understand others points also. I clearly mentioned that i got an offer from direct client. I have no intent to work for previous employer. Why do you think that everybody is in genuine and consultant can not get job with direct client? I have seen responses from you on this thread.