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  1. blueguy19

    Blue 221g Mumbai tracker

    No updates from my side so far.. Waiting since 1 month now...
  2. blueguy19

    Blue 221g Mumbai tracker

    Any updates??? I'm still waiting.
  3. blueguy19

    Blue 221g Mumbai tracker

    Mine is EVC model, 7th year renewal with I140 approved. At the the time of interview, I was asked basic questions: Whom do you work for? How much do you earn? And what do you do for work? After that was handed over 221g form. I'm from Mumbai.
  4. blueguy19

    This is really urgent please help

    Do not panic and not to worry.. Things happen and you need to be calm and be prepared to answer truthfully. I know someone who went through the same situation, travelled to India knowingly the project was ending in two weeks time. Carry all the documents for your current project and when visa officer asks only when he/she asks then state your last project ended on Dec 19th, once I'm back my employer will have a new project for me to work on. If they question, be confident and answer positively that your employer is in this business since xxxx and from time to time have developed business relationships with several clients. And my skill set is in huge demand in the US. I don't see any issues getting on to the new project in short period of time. It's how the consulting business is, its matter of how you portray your stand and perspective. I'm not saying it will change their mind or anything, but atleast you will say what you have to say on this. Good luck.
  5. blueguy19

    Blue 221g Mumbai tracker

    Any responses?
  6. I think there is lot of confusion on what forms are issued and what is the sequence of events that happens one after the another. From reading threads on this forum, it seems consulates are trying their best or unintentionally following different procedures. It seems the visa officer forgot to issue to 221g to you in this case. Morever in some cases for the same color form visa officer asked to come to the consulate with docs for some candidates and others were asked to submit them at VFS application center. Another discrepancy I found was that in some cases visa officer kEpt the passport of the applicant and in other were asked to wait for the email from VFS and then submit the passport. The best way to know what is happening with your case is to call DOS - Dept of State. They are in position to tell you whats happening to your visa application.
  7. blueguy19

    Visa after 221(g) blue at Mubmai

    Even Im in the same boat. Interview date - 28th nov Docs submission - 29th nov No updates so far. Any updates from you guys?
  8. blueguy19

    Blue 221g Mumbai tracker

    Interview Date - Nov 28th Docs submission date - Nov 29th Waiting for the email to submit the passport.
  9. Thanks @nbendi. That means no 221g form issued to you at all.
  10. Hello to all the folks on H-1B who have got 221g (pink, yellow, blue, white or any other color). Let's aim to get a definite picture on what goes on in the 221g process generally and try to come up with a guide for everyone else to refer. I know its a difficult task as the process varies case by case basis, I promise to do a good faith effort to analyze all the situation presented on here and deliver the guide as soon as I get enough replies from you all. This is what I do for living, so you got to trust me on this one. While replying, please include as many details as possible. However do restrict the prose to the things that matter, with superstition and prayers or blaberring completely omitted. I plan to do this by using UML or flow chart method, for example 1. Interview date with interview details 1.1 Interview Date 1.2 Interview Questions 1.3 Closing remarks and next steps 2. Action event 1, example (received email etc) 2.1 Email Date 2.2 Email Description 2.3 Final actions .. .. N. Action event N, example (submitted documents) N+1. Visa approved/rejected/sent back to USCIS Let's see how this goes. Thanks.
  11. blueguy19

    h1b-hyd-221g yellow - Nov28

    I was issued similar form blue 221g at Mumbai Consulate on Nov 28. I've got the documents from my employer. In case there is anything confidential I believe your company can directly send those documents to Consulate, inquire within VFS on the exact procedure. Moreover based on the feedback from some friends, provide them what you can and submit. Let's see, best of luck.
  12. blueguy19

    Mumbai - Visa Dates Availibility

    seeing 25th Nov open now... awesome.. dates are opening up one day at a time...