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  1. @t75: she entered US with the insurance but for only 3 months so I had taken 2 insurance while she was here for the next 3 months. The insurance company are trying to reject as I had given US address. The other insurance is trying to get more information on her pre existing condition which she doesn't have (cancer). The bill is more than 300k for around 3 weeks. @jairichi: sorry she came here on visitor visa.
  2. Hi, My mom visited US this year and was in a healthy condition. We were visting f places in US but suddenly she has a breathing problem so I called 911 and they took her to emergency. The worst part is she was diagonised with cancer and was in hospital for almost 3 weeks and she passed away. Now the hostipal bill are coming to my address on her name but there were two letter for me asking to provide some information. But I haven't yet replied to any mail till now. Will those medical bills be my responsibility? Should I take an advice from a lawyer? If yes, which lawyer? What's the worst case scenario? After all the pain I suffered seeing her at the hospital I have to go through this....:( Please help. Thanks.