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  1. Has anybody in the forum applied for an H1 Transfer and know how long it has taken for the receipt to come through . I accepted an offer at another company and trying to decide on a start date . My H1 petition was filed just today but has it been taking 2-3 weeks for the receipt to come through so i can start working ? I am not even comment on how long do i have to wait for the approval but my current H1 stamp on passport expires March 2018 . My presumption is that i should be able to travel even with a receipt and current paystubs et al . Anyone else in the same boat
  2. Did you finally receive the receipt ? Trying to figure out how long its taking these days . Mine was filed on June 6th
  3. Hey Guys If someone can help it will be much appreciated So i am visiting India and will need a visa stamping . From looking at the visa consulate website i qualify for the Dropbox processing as i got my visa stamped last year when i visited india . My wife though was not able to visit India then and didnt get her visa stamped which has expired more than 12 months I am trying to figure out that since i am the primary H1 candidate , and become applicable for dropbox Can i submit her passport for dropbox too or do i have to go to the consulate ? Please let me know if someone has been in the same situation
  4. Yeah the entire thing is weird and frustrating . When i logged in today i saw a date showed up for the 7th and 14th of may . I am hoping i will find some thing.. Just have to be diligent and look everyday You cannot transfer your fees correct ? if you have already paid for tornoto location if yeah i will just drive down to vancouver
  5. So i have to go for work conference to Toronto on the 16th of June.. My visa just got expired and i have an extended H1 .. I was thinking all this while that i should be able to get a date around that week of june if i do it on the last week of april Man when i checked it today it shows me the earliest available date of 9th july . almost 2.5 month ahead I live in seattle and Vancouver could have been a better option but with the conference in toronto i went ahead and paid the fees for me and my wife thinking i can go to toronto and have both of these done at the same time I would really appreciate any suggestions here . I mean i cannot book my tickets and all in june for the conference unless i get a consulate date here . Is there still a possibility that i can get a date around that time . do enough cancellations happen ? Please suggest
  6. Hey guys.. any help will be appreciated My wife is currently on an H4 visa and is in india.. she is travelling to come back on the 5th of may with the expiry of her visa being the 10th of may 2012 The 10th of May 1012 is the expiry date for my current H1 and i already have an extension for another 3 years with a 797 form I have sent the new 797 form to her already which has an extension to 2015 . My lawyer said that she should be able to enter just fine ..though having 5 days to expire. Just asking this forum for their opinion Thanks
  7. I am currently on a L1 visa with company 'X', transferring to a H1 status on Oct 1-2011. However, I have an offer with company 'Y' that I would like to join ASAP. Is it possible to file for the H1 transfer before Oct 1 (say on 26th Sep)? Any help is highly appreciated.
  8. Hey guys if someone can help i will really appreciate it My Sister is an US citizen and she is planning to file I-130 for me .. I live in the US since last 5 years on H1 and 2 years before that as a F1 Can 485 be filed at the same time as I-130 ? And if approved does that mean i get an EAD for me and my wife All help will be appreciated This is what i read of USCIS website 2. If your relatives are already in the United States and entered legally, then they may be able to file an I-485 application to adjust their status to lawful permanent resident at the same time as you file the I-130 relative petition. Petitions filed at the same time with permanent residence applications (I-485) must be filed at a location that is different from where you would file an I-130 petition by itself. Please read the instructions for the two addresses where concurrent filings can be mailed.