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  1. Received RFE for Mom's Visa extension, finger printing was not accepted and now require Police clearance certificate from the places where has spend more than 6 months in the past 5 years. We are checking with Houston Indian embassy but many things are not clear. Her First Name spelling is slightly different in Passport, Pan Card and Aadhar card example Natasha Naatasha, Nataasha 1) There is nowhere to mention this, should i just use the name on the Passport for the PCC form at the indian embassy as that is used to in Passport and with USCIS. 2) The RFE needs to be replied in one month, it seems very unlikely that i will able to reply to the RFE in one month, can i extend the RFE request date Please advise / share experience
  2. Hello, I have to apply for my parents visitors visa extension, if i apply through mail it will be one mail for both of them, i understand it will be two applications 539 and 539A but online it is going to be totally separate. I am from Dallas. 1) Anyone who has applied through mail recently got Receipt from USCIS 2) What is the fee is the below correct ? Mail 370 + 85 + 85 = 540 (One amount on Check or two separate checks) Online 370 + 85 = 455 per application i.e = 910 3) What document do i need to attach, should i submit I-134 any other info would help. Thanks.
  3. Hello, My employer filled for my GC, I had filled my 485 application before marriage, now dates are current and i am filling for my spouse, do i need to submit 864 form too. What happens if GC is approved before her application is submitted. we are on H1 / H4 now. thanks san
  4. Hi, We are going to submit the 485 application for my wife as the dates are current, the passport is going to expire in 10 months, will this cause an issue, or do i need to renew passport which which take 6 weeks to 3 months. TIA.
  5. pg28

    RFE - Status Update

    It is been around two weeks since my RFE response was sent for 485. The on line status is not yet updated, How long does it take for the online status to get updated ? This is the Texas USCIS location, if anyone has recent experience please share that too. TIA.
  6. Hi, I had submitted by 485 (EB3) application in 2007 when the dates were current for some time. I got married after i submitted the 485, now waiting for the priority dates to be current so that i can include my wife in the GC process. she is on h4 now, my h1 is still active. In case a miracle happens and the priority date becomes current for me, what document i need to keep ready to include her or add her to the GC process. my companies attorney is always busy and he always takes time in getting the documents ready, so wanted to be proactive and keep all the necessary documents ready. Thanks.
  7. Hi, My H1 extension got apprvoved, my DL is expired and the DMV is not issuing ready to renew the DL till they recieve SAVe status, it is been more than 1 week, family is stuck cannot go anywhere, can somone suggest what to do. Regards San
  8. pg28

    EAD and AP

    Hello, Below is my status EB3 Category - Applied for 485 in 2007 - Married after filled 485 - need to keep H1B active so that Wife has valid status (H4) - Need to apply for H1B extension soon 1) Recently I came of know that I can apply for EAD and AP and also use AP to travel to India and do not need to go for H1 B Stamping, is this true and is this advisable, should i apply for EAD and AP 2) What is the downside if I go to India and come back on AP I am aware that i need to have my h1b active and my Wife has to get H4 stamped before she comes back 3) If I have AP can i still go and get my H1B Stamp is there a negative to doing this 4) If there are issues in stamping can i use my AP to travel back.
  9. Ability to add dependents to the GC application with out having to wait till it becomes current, there are many like me that have got married after applying for 485, have to stick with h1b and h4 and cannot move to EAD. not sure if this is correct post, for every 10 people in eb3 category I meet 9 must have moved to Eb2, but still why is the EB3 moving so slow.
  10. Below is my current Status EB3 Category 140 Approved, 485 Pending in 2007 PD 2007 Applied for 485 before Marriage, so need to keep H1b active so that my wife can have status (h4), does the new rule helps in any way for BOTH of us to move from H1B and H4 to EAD.
  11. pg28

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Thank you Attoney_6, So it means I will have to wait till my case (EB3 - Priority date 2007) gets current to add my wife's name to the GC application, do you see any rules changes in the future where the spouse name can be added to the GC application.
  12. pg28

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Can anyone answer this please , reposting. got married after I applied for I-485 in 2007 eb3 category, need to have h1b active so that my wife has valid h4 status. will the new changes related to h4/EAD help us to have EAD for my wife and me, do we still need to have h1 /h4 active, want to get out of the cycle of reapply of visa extension stamping. Regards San
  13. pg28

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Hi I have approved I-140 and applied for I-485 eb3 category. got married after I applied for I-485 , need to have my H1 active so that my wife stays on H4. with the new H4/EAD changes help me to have just EAD for my wife and me, do we still need to keep H1 / H4 active, want to get out of the cycle of reapply visa extension / stamping is possible. Regards San
  14. pg28

    Visitors Visa Bahrain or Mumbai

    Thank you Jairichi