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  1. howdy_howdy

    First TimeTravel on F1

    An F1 student arriving to US for the first time. His school will be in LAX but he will land in DFW and stay for a few days, then going to LAX to start school. Has any one done like this? Does anyone see any issues with this? Please share your views. Thanks in advance.
  2. howdy_howdy

    Breach of Contract

    To the OP: They said I have to take care of my visas (H1&H4) expenses. What does this mean? Did the contract have a clause like this? Or you were told verbally to do so?
  3. howdy_howdy

    Person with elephantiasis disease entering US?

    Well, if the disease is contagious, he may be quarantined and sent back home.
  4. howdy_howdy

    H1 -B Visa Stamping doubt

    It does not matter. You can apply for a visa and if you qualify, you will definitely get it with 9 months of validity on h1.
  5. howdy_howdy

    Can I sue a Civil Surgeon?

    Make sure you have all the proof and most importantly the statute of limitation has not expired. It is normally three years. Talk to an experienced attrney and strip off his license if possible, Back in 2004, I did medical examination for I485 and the doctor gave me a sealed envelope for INS. I went ahead and opened the envelopes and found out that he had checked for HIV positive (or some disease) which I was not. I immediatedly went the next day and showed it to the nurse and threatened for legal action for providing falsifying information. They corrected the information showed me the docs before sealing the envelope so there were no mistakes. The answer I got was clerical error. But that was not acceptable. Their report can make or break our careers. Don't let go of that SOB. Go after him. Post your experience. Good luck howdy_howdy //
  6. Well, just mention the incident and attach notarized copies of the documents issued by Israel police. This should be just fine.
  7. I strongly believe you won't have any issues during your AOS process. Although you were considered out of status during those few months when you were on h1, when you left the country, you were on a status. So, mostly likely it won't be an issue. One of my colleagues - about five years back - forgot to apply for h1 extn and went out of status for about three months before getting h1 for himself; he left for India for stamping and got his stamp, came back to US, applied PERM, got h1 extn and within two years he got his GC. Consulting a competent attorney like Murthy is always a good idea. Good luck howdy_howdy //
  8. howdy_howdy

    Start GC

    It is always a good idea to keep at least 1.5 years in h1 period before starting GC process. Because, before you apply for LC, you will go through series of advertisements and document preparation etc and you would want to give ample time for it. Also, when you file for LC, make sure you are doing at least 365 days before your h1 expiry date; this way you can continue renewing your h1 until you get your PD current. Even when you are going for PERM labor and I140 premium processing, I would suggest you to start GC process 1.5 years before your h1 period ends. Good luck howdy_howdy //
  9. howdy_howdy

    WH4 Settlement

    Just listen to the DOL person. He/she has more experience in these cases than we are. These employers know the loophole and keep on appealing and one fine day issue bankruptcy protection and you won't even get a penny. Take the DOL Officer's advice and add some common sense and go for it. Good luck howdy_howdy //
  10. howdy_howdy

    Non Competence - H1 Transfer

    Make sure you haven't signed a non-compete with Company A that you shall not work for their clients/sub-contractors for a period of time...
  11. howdy_howdy

    Fingerprint Request - 485 Current

    Your case may be current but does it say its approved? Either way, approved or not approved yet, go for the FP. Good luck howdy_howdy //
  12. howdy_howdy

    Address with the USCIS

    To the lawyer, of course.
  13. The date starts when you landed in the US. The last date should be considered after adding up days when you were out of the US (like visiting home country etc). If you have not gone out of the US ever since you came to US and assuming that you landed in the US on 5/26/2005, then your last date on h1 will be 5/25/2011. Good luck howdy_howdy //
  14. howdy_howdy

    H1B Transfer to Client currently working with

    In some STates, non-compete are not valid; some companies don't bother wasting time & money to pursue contract breakers. Not sure about your employer. And there is no workaround for these non-competes. Good luck howdy_howdy //
  15. howdy_howdy

    H1B Intent to Revoke Urgent

    How about signed gime sheets and invoices billed to Client A? Won't they be sufficient? Check this with your Company's attorney.
  16. howdy_howdy

    Non Competence

    First off, non-compete is valid in most of the STates. SEcondly, salary needs to be paid without holding even a cent of it. So, you will need to get your salary paid by your employer nevertheless what they think. Go ahead and file WH4 with DOL against your ex-employer. Hire a good attorney specialized in labor laws to handle the civil case, if it ever arises. Good luck howdy_howdy //