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  1. Hey, Is anyone or your friends driving to anyplace in US from Ottawa on 6th, 7th and 8th January,2012? I need to go to Charlotte in US but I can be dropped any of ur nearest airports. Please reply, it will be appreciated. I can be reached ghanshyamd@gxxx dot com Thanks, DGS
  2. dgshyam

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    Congratulations both of you !! I know, how u have felt 8 weeks of time, for me also It has been a 7th week, hoping for the best. it might be a X-mas and new year gift....:) have a nice time.
  3. dgshyam

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    @stuckinottawaOct31: I have been waiting for 6 weeks, I attended interview on Nov. 8th, got 221g white. in Ottawa. My mgr responded to consulate with answers and waiting for the response. Hoping for the best..all the best for her too.
  4. I too didn't have client letter, I am on EVC model. I got 221g white for further review on Nov. 8th, still am waiting for response. If you don't have a client letter and though ur on EC model, there are possible chances that u get 221g white that will make you to wait 2-5 weeks in best cases. I don't suggest you to come to Ottawa if you don't have client letter. If you still want to come check with your attorney and come here or try ur luck, consider the following tips: 1. Get all supporting documents from ur client(submit the docs when VO asks you) -email print out from client manager that he doesn't provide a letter. -Status reports, meeting calenders, project related emails...etc. -Internal, ur profile information etc. - Badge (original, and get a copy to submit the VO) -PO from client. 2. if Ok to spend $90-100 (if u have room mate in a hotel) everyday in ottawa, food and hotel expensive here. 3. If you rent car, that will become expensive becz it may get delayed. 4. If you dont have work from home option, u will loose ur money. All the best...
  5. Hey Folks, 1. I have attended my interview on Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Model: EVC, no client letter, got 221g white (VO: chin...guy) but I submitted an email print out from manager that he cann't issue a client letter. 2. Client manager got a call on Tuesday Nov. 15th asking all employee and employer relations questions. 3. After that no response from consulate either to me(for asking more docs) or to my client manager(for sending questioner which happened to most of the folks here those who are on 221g white) 4. Now I have a client letter I am debating at this point of time whether my client letter need to be submitted to consulate or not as they didn't ask anything yet. ( I think because of I don't have client letter they are delaying in sending a questionnaire to my manager). Please advice me, those have undergone this situation or if you know some one who has undergone this. It is nerve-wrecking situation. -dgs
  6. dgshyam

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    @psak12@*****.com as far as I know itz okay to travel until unless u don't involve in anything crazy stuff and have 221g and passport copy with you in case someone asks you can show to them and explain ur situation.
  7. dgshyam

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    Based on my observation, they will take 2-3 business days to make a call to clients(most of the cases no employer/vendor) after interview. as you guys attended interview on 14th expect a client call tomorrow i.e Nov.17, Thursday.
  8. dgshyam

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    withdrawing a case and AVR rule you need to check with your attorney, these are sensitive and need to have experts involvement.
  9. dgshyam

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    All the documents will be returned via DHL if a visa is approved. If you want just your passport back before they approve your visa, you can go to consulate and take your passport back. If you want all documents back before they approve your visa, you need to withdraw your case.
  10. dgshyam

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    I got 221g white on Nov 8th and still waiting to get email from consulate. I didn't have client letter and he kept my PP, 797, W2s, Paystubs and all POs and said 'll get back to me. Keep update your situation. thx.
  11. dgshyam

    221g @ Ottawa Canada

    I attended on Nov.8th, didn't have client letter got 221g white, didn't get any update yet. I think in your case you have all letters, so it would a week to 10 days. Just give a heads up to ur vendor, employer and client with your details. All the best.
  12. dgshyam

    Visa Stamping in Ottawa on Novermber 14

    I hope you all got visas with out any issues. Please post us the update. by chance if you got 221g white, update that too...congratulations and all the best
  13. @ rockerz, I hope you might have gone to embassy and u got ur passport back with stamp..congrats in advance. Please update on this. I am here 221g white with out client letter. Thx.
  14. Hey rockerz, I got 221g white and didn't submit client letter. my interview was on Nov. 8th. where do u stay? we can share the accommodation. I hope u get approval this week end.all the best..rsvp to: ghanshyamd at gxxx com
  15. dgshyam

    White slip - 221G -OCT 31st - Ottawa conuslate

    I am in a same ditto situation. I attended on 8th Nov. got 221g white. where r u staying? we can share accommodation. rsvp to : ghanshyamd at gxxx com.