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  1. sbp79

    DOS timeline for J1 hardship waiver

    DoS issued a favorable recommendation, see timeline below for J1 Exceptional Hardship Waiver. Original waiver request sent to USCIS in Apr 2018, USCIS issued RFE in Feb 2019 - responded to RFE by May 2019; USCIS sent to DoS for advisory opinion in July 2019; status changed on DoS site this morning. Lawyers say a few weeks before USCIS paperwork comes in the mail. Department of State Advisory Opinion Finding: Favorable Recommendation Item Action Date Recommendation Sent March, 02 2020 Form I-612 Received July, 11 2019 Form I-613 Received July, 11 2019 Fee Received April, 25 2018 Form DS-3035 Received April, 25 2018 Form DS-2019 Received April, 25 2018 Passport Data Page Received April, 25 2018 Form G-28 Received April, 25 2018 Statement Of Reason Received April, 25 2018 Other Received April, 25 2018
  2. sbp79

    DOS timeline for J1 hardship waiver

    Hi @J1MDhardship have you heard anything back? I am in the same boat, DOS received my I-612/613 on 7/11/2019 and still waiting for a decision. Status check still shows pending. Pls update when you get a chance.
  3. Will I be eligible for H1 extension (>6 yr) if my employer starts PERM in Jul 2013 for H1 expiring in Sep 2014 (after recapture) H1 valid till 30 Sep 2013 (but able to recapture ~12 months for time outside USA) - effective expiration Sep 2014 Moving to a new role (specific role yet to be determined) to new business unit within employer in Jul 2013. New business unit would then start GC process (EB2) with PERM in Jul 2013 How long does it take for PERM to be filed? If my PERM is not filed before my 6th year of the H1 starts, what are the options for me to extend my H1 beyond 6 years? My employer has announced layoffs - how could this impact my PERM?
  4. The visa extension for my parents got approved by USCIS in Vermont. Here are some details: Applied on Jan 10, 2013 via USCIS online portal ELIS Approval online granted on Mar 14. 2013 Total cost for both applicants - $290 (paid electronically) Extension granted for 60 days (as requested) Original I-94 expired on 11 March 2013, but new I-797As have updated I-94 to attach to original Did not use a professional attorney - USCIS portal had simple directions - easy to follow Provided Doctor's letter, and included letter requesting for extension: even though, the letter said parents would be assisting me and helping out - USCIS did not view it unfavorably (as some commenters above indicated they might) Also provided my financial information and bank account details to show sufficient funds Hope this helps!
  5. <p><p><p> I am writing to obtain some advice regarding the extension of stay for visitors on B2 visas to the US. My parents entered the US in Sept 2012 on B2 visas to help my wife and I as we were dealing with a life threatening medical condition I have been diagnosed with. The date stamped on their I-94 is 11 March 2013. I have a surgery scheduled for end February 2013 - after which I need 5-6 weeks to recover completely, and my doctors and surgeons have asked me to ensure we have sufficient help to get through this. I have been asked to be extremely careful to prevent any exertion till I recover. We submitted the application to extend status through the Electronic filing system (ELIS) to the USCIS on 10 Jan 2013. We have provided all the supporting evidence - doctor's letter, financial sponsorship, letter etc. We received a receipt by email and mail a few days later. However, we still have not received a decision from USCIS, and the online status lists it is "In process" and "Under initial review". It has now been about 35 days since we applied. The average processing time for the VSC (which is the center where our application is) is currently 2.6 months, so it seems like we might receive a decision after 11 March 2013. Based on our research, we are aware that if my parents overstay and USCIS ultimately rejects their application for extension of status - they will need to leave the US immediately and their multiple entry US visa would be voided. They will then have to reapply for a new visa in India. In cases where an extension of status is requested on medical grounds, what is the likelihood that USCIS rejects the application? If the likelihood of a rejection is low, is it then worth the risk to overstay and wait for an approval of the application? If ultimately USCIS does indeed reject the application, would reapplying for a visa in India cause any problems (even if my parents are able to show the necessary supporting information from the doctor which should explain why they overstayed)? Any help or advice would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance
  6. My new employer sent it to VSC for PP. Date of receipt - 19 July 2011 Date of Approval - 29 July 2011 All in all, 11 days. If you have processing number you can sign up for SMS and email update on USCIS website.