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  1. user12345

    Multiple visits on B1/B2 visa in 1 year

    Thanks for your response. They will certainly go back within 6 months of their arrival. I want to know if the previous 1.5 month stay will be counted towards the 6 months or it doesn’t matter. Is it 6 months from date of arrival irrespective of whether you visited US prior to that within the same year year or not?
  2. user12345

    Multiple visits on B1/B2 visa in 1 year

    Can someone please answer my question? Thanks
  3. user12345

    Multiple visits on B1/B2 visa in 1 year

    Online I94 shows the same expiry date i.e. one year from date of arrival
  4. user12345

    Multiple visits on B1/B2 visa in 1 year

    I didn’t get you. Can you please elaborate.
  5. user12345

    Multiple visits on B1/B2 visa in 1 year

    I mean staying with us and visiting various tourist places in US during this duration.
  6. user12345

    Multiple visits on B1/B2 visa in 1 year

    They have many reasons to return back but we want them to stay with us in US if it is legally permitted.
  7. Hi All My mom visited US for 1.5 months in April 2019. Now both my mom and dad came back to US (Aug 01 2019) and the immigration officer entered validity as 1 year on their passport. Question - Do they need to return back after 3.5 months or can they stay in US for another 6 months? Please advice. Thanks for your help and time.
  8. Hi Can I do H1 transfer /change employer when H1 amendment with current employer is in process? Thanks
  9. Want to check if wife has any option to enable her to continue her job in US if 6 years of her H1B is about to expire. Her husband's GC is in process and his I-140 is approved. But he will not get GC until his GC date becomes the current date. Need urgent advice. Posting for friend.
  10. user12345

    Travel to India via Amsterdam on expired visa but valid I94

    Response requested.
  11. user12345

    visa stamping experience at Delhi consulate

    Response requested.
  12. Hi All I am planning to go for H1B stamping at US embassy New Delhi. Does Devyani's case has any effect on visa approval. Can anyone share his recent visa stamping experience at Delhi consulate. Thanks
  13. Hi My H1B visa in my passport is expired but I have a valid I-94 on my I797. I am travelling to India via Amsterdam and want to know if I need a transit visa. Looking at the govt website of Netherlands, it doesn't looks like I need one but appreciate if someone can share his/her experience. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi Gurus I have recently filed a visa conversion from H4 to F1 for my wife. It is still in process. At the same time my company's lawyers want to file my green card application (LC Perm Form 9089). I am on H1 and my wife is on H4 right now. I am worried that if my lawyers file LC Perm for me right now, it can affect my wife's visa conversion from H4 to F1 and may result in denial of her F1. Can you please confirm that my understanding is correct or I am missing something. Thanks for your help.